3 Types of Sweaters Styles

When it’s cold and we want to lead a comfortable and lightweight garment, sweater becomes an excellent choice, and if we want to take for fashion Boystyle is necessary to know the options we have and how we can use!

This type of clothing works for casual and coordinated Dandy Kodona / Ouji, you can find them with or without buttons.

You can combine them with bags or coats if desired.

We will present 3 options or sweater styles:

Rombos Sweater

It is a kind of sweater helps give a collegial air to Kodona / Ouji coordinated and mature but casual at the Dandy coordinated appearance (depends yes colors that are used and coordinated in

general) is achieved with buttons (click here to type Cardigan) or without them.

Hand-knitted Sweater

A garment that depends on the type of wool and pattern is chosen or used, can have a starring role in the whole, it is important to be careful which is to be used as used, it may happen that the set Boystyle miss doing look like an ordinary outfit, for that, you need to stand out and highlight the other elements of the set.

Cardigan Sweater

A light and fresh clothing as to coat comes, gives a youthful and contemporary feel to the whole Boystyle, its characteristic neck “V” allows the use of items such as ties, bow ties, cravats among others, also has the feature this garment its buttons, perfect for casual coordinated!

There are also varieties hooded sweaters, although these are not common to see in the Boystyle.