5 Brilliant Style Tricks from Michelle Obama

The extract from Michelle Obama (52) from the White House is approaching. The term of Office of President Barack Obama (55) goes in January after eight years to end. During this time, the First Lady became the style icon – mainly thanks to this style tricks.

Michelle Obama must be called without a doubt the coolest so far First Lady of the United States, when it comes to fashion. Or can you imagine their predecessors Laura Bush (69) or Hillary Clinton (69) in Glittering Versace gowns or casual chucks? Flat! Lots of style inspiration are what we take from her time as first lady, at least.

The 5 most important style tricks of Michelle Obama:

1. you perfectly concealed their blemish

Michelle Obama has a size of 1.80 metres, a large woman. Her body is athletic built with their thighs are relatively strong. But the First Lady knows cleverly to mask this problem area. With wide skirts and dresses that end just below the knee, it looks smaller, baggy pants can be somewhat delicate work

2. It stresses their advantages

The most famous “sweet side” of the First Lady: her toned upper arms. Knows that Michelle Obama and this is therefore sent to scene, bears strikingly often sleeveless dresses. Another of its advantages: her slim waist. It emphasises the First Lady with belts or tailored looks

3. it’s not afraid to colors & patterns

As the wife of the US President needs to hold back fashionable? By due! Michelle Obama loves putting the attention with bright colors and patterns. The former make their complexion really shine. Also the bright tones underline sent their open-minded, cheerful character – and that makes simply likeable

4. she can also casual

Boots, rubber boots, Chuck’s, jumpsuits or sports clothes – Michelle Obama showed up even at public appearances sometimes really casual. Thus she not only regularly proved that she is one of us, but also that always elegant can be with the right attitude, even in sneakers

5. you opts for glamour

At her last, official State Banquet, Michelle Obama wore a Rosé gold glitter gown by Atelier Versace – and looked like a movie star. On other occasions, she resorted to elegant evening dresses were like times strapless or with lace insert. Who is so smart and beautiful, which can be quiet a bit sexy, without it ever seems too much