5 Tips on How to Dress for an Anniversary Party

Good day baby!

Last female store celebrated a year and, as I’m a part of this story from the beginning, I couldn’t help but honor them. Even the celebration having happened on the day of the birthday of my husband, I took a shortcut of “surprise” party to spend at the store and show everything for you!

The store was filled with beautiful people, good music and delicious food for people fleeing the diet! Not to mention the clothes, which were a doom. I had to count to 3 and take a deep breath for myself.

As expected, my look is all feminine! I chose a all black  look, all the Afghan as well. The short is more fluffy and has super delicate embroidery following the trend “Chevron”. Already on top, I opted for a knitted tank top with a pattern on the back super different and, to complement, I threw myself in this perfect body chain store also.

In the middle of the rush I forgot my purse in the car, then “kidnapped” that one Julia was carrying at the time to photographed the look and I almost didn’t give her back, it was so beautiful!

And then girls … What do you think of the look? The store was beautiful, isn’t it?

I hope you enjoyed.

A great weekend to all!