8 Short Party Dresses of Velvet, Do Not Hesitate Even a Moment Because They Are Fashionable

Do you are that they still think that the? Velvet is only for upholstery? There are still many people who do not like velvet, above all the young girls who find it a little outdated and nothing modern. The velvet is really perfect for upholstery but also for short prom dresses, with them you can get great outfits.

Dresses with straight cut

The mini-vestidos of strapless are quite risky but a basic top option below seems to me super for the most discrete and stylish girls. This strapless black dress is of Zara 49.95 EUR.

Straight cuts in Velvet dresses can seem boring and serious, but with a touch of jewelry or jewellery and leather clothing you renovaréis it instantly. Straight-cut burgundy gown is Saint Laurent 1390 euros.

In this case combined with the lace dress gives you a touch interesting sexy, so you can introduce velvet in your wardrobe slowly. Black dress velvet combined with lace to the tone is of Zara 49.95 EUR.

Dresses with combination of fabrics

Although we often find dresses of Velvet with loose silhouettes can also choose some more tight like this with transparent touches. Grey Velvet asymmetric striped dress is of Topshop 55 euros.

For partying is a fantastic fabric but for day to day also you can use these short dresses, try with moccasins and denim jackets or fur coats. The Velvet mini dress 20’s style is from Asos € 61,65

Blacks are without doubt the most marketed because it is quite discreet, with a transparency in the cleavage takes a lot and feel really well giving a much more youthful touch to the dress. The short dress with long sleeves and transparency is of River Island 40 euros.

Mini-vestidos with asymmetric cut

The blue-gray It is one of my favorite velvet colors, it seems very elegant and with a touch of distinction. You can enter add-ins of vibrant colors to give joy to the look or perhaps complements of silvery or nude to maintain that sobriety. Blue asymmetric gown is of Topshop 125 euros.

Party dresses

Before we saw the option of combining it with lace but with sequins also is a good choice, too much partying and fun. Try to combine all these dresses with averages of Swiss dot with appliqué that gettin spectacular results. Black combined with sequins dress is Topshop 72 euros.