80s Leggings

I have few memories of those years. Maybe because I was too young or perhaps because they are passionate to other eras and therefore always deepen other historical periods. Lately, however, it is almost impossible to ignore the strong revival that hovers around us, looming almost like a threat. If we see bellies outside, high-waisted trousers members and super colorful, if we are invaded by flakes and fiocchettini Well… the fault is only of the 80 who are returning to the fore.


They say that in those years the well-being was the keystone. The people were happy, smiling, they took such good care of themselves. They loved going to the gym and cotonarsi hair. Who does not remember the legendary movie Flash Dance! After the famous scene of the ballet of a curly and fisicata Jennifer Beals, here is exploding the desire to wear in every way, in all places and in all the black leggings(Valerio Scanu docet) that piece of wool. And yet, were the protagonists of those years the huge shoulders of jackets and coats worthy of Gig Steel Robot. But not big shoulders normally. Just gigantic. Stuff that my mother could fill the seams of socks, a push-up was by comparison a rare flatness.


Thank you so always the 80s if today we are forced to see around people who continue to accept the leggings for pants. There’s a difference between a leggings (maybe even transparent) and a nice colored fouseaux, maybe even with some nice leggings from riding. In those years it was really easy to wear very tight pants that marked the abundant forms of cured and boiled and beautiful women. But they were paired, as I mentioned before, in shirts and leaders shoulder a bit ‘over, that did not bother. Here, the 80s were a bit ‘all that was excessive. Even the make up.Strong, bold colors and super trodden. Rossetti increasingly opaque and bright, eye double lines, eye shadows coated generously and always paired the outfit worn. A generic color black might say. Personally I’m already starting to prepare outfits and looks that combine the commemoration of the 80… And what do you think? I like this trend?