A Harper’s Bazaar Just for Fashion Victims

If you love the magazine Harper’s Bazaar and you are of those they kill by a Limited Edition, the new issue of this magazine in the American version is made to your measure, since it’s an Edition for collectors only. In it you will find the most important covers This magazine since 1867 (inception) until today.

In this way you can see whenever you want the mythical home of Audrey Hepburn o Sophia Loren, or remember how they were the early covers for more than 140 years. If you’re that needs to have the specimen as object of desire can buy it in large kiosks such as the FNAC o Relay. Its price is high (in the United States sold it for $15) but it is worthwhile to pay the price since it is a magazine for life.

Large celebrities have been portray by this magazine so important and international, from little more than one year ago that we enjoy in Spain under the orders of its editor Melania Pan. And you are going to succumb to the charms of this collector edition?