Add Glitter to a Wedding Dress

Add shine to a wedding dress. Quite like all brides daring to use eye-catching dresses. Therefore, in this post taught him how to make a simple dress look striking, unique and personal.

Lace Wedding Dress

So, stop buy those wedding dresses too expensive and try to create your own gown using accessories and flashy embellishments. To give some sparkle to simple wedding dress can employ various strategies, with any of the strategies you choose will add a special glow to your dress.


* If you’re a daring bride, I recommend you to add to your dress, rhinestone and paste them with fabric glue. To make this type of diamonds look well in the wedding dress, we must do so with moderation and put them in the more correct position. To keep your dress simplicity and elegance, I advise that you do not add more than three types of fancy diamonds.

* Especially the rhinestones must place it in the parts of the dress that you want to highlight. For example; If your wedding dress has a halterneck, as you have to do is put in back Rhinestones, that way the characteristic of dress will enhance it.

* Never put rhinestones around the legs, especially on the back of them. Since the precious stones placed in the back of the legs may irritate you when sitting or walking. Therefore, it is essential to keep your dress elegant and comfortable. A simple wedding dress can look elegant, only placing cute ornaments or rhinestones on the back side.


* Is also a great idea to sew on your wedding dress lace applications. Applications can get them at any fabric store, applications can own ornaments of beads, sequins and elaborate embroidery. The rhinestones stuck on the dress is very difficult to remove it if you don’t like us, on the other hand sewn applications are easily removed if in case you do not like us.

* For a greater flexibility in placement, try cutting applications in small pieces. At the time of cutting applications you must be very careful and avoid cutting the threads that hold embellishments, such as for example the sequins.

* Mostly applications should be sewn in the parts that you want to highlight your dress. Mainly the embellished lace looks much better at the bottom of her dress and does not irritate the legs as do them the rhinestones.


* Add bright accessories. So your simple wedding dress highlight, I advise that you combine it with a pair of spectacular earrings or a cute necklace striking. If you choose to use earrings, try combing your hair collected, so the earrings will be more visible.

* Decorate your hair. To give you an instant glamorous touch to your simple wedding dress, I recommend that you decorate your hair, you can do with pin or bright headband.

* Try using a pair of shoes that give a glossy touch. If you want to give your look a delicate Sheen wear silver shoes and if you want to really dazzle then use shoes with glitter.