After All, There Is Clothing for Ballad? How to Dress for the Occasion?

Know when a seller of a shop the men’s clothing shows a shirt tacky and says that an outfit for the club? As it is, this guy is lying. Outfit for the ballad is the name given to that piece of dubious taste, is usually the bearer of some brightness, transparency, or any other detail that escape to the classic, but not in the sense of being innovative, that would be something positive. To say that she was made for the ballad is a way to justify all that apparatus visual is useless, but that can seduce some of the unwary or ill-informed.

After All, There Is Clothing for Ballad How to Dress for the Occasion

The problem is that it is difficult to know who to trust, because a lot of girlfriends or wives – our sources of advice fashion when information is missing on a particular style of clothing – are those that most believe in the “outfit of the ballad”, as the women have clothes to ballad and they think that the same goes for men. The thing that I hear when I’m in the industry male of any store is a female voice stating definitively something like “Octavius, these pants here will you leave for when you go to any ballad”.That is, it is a lousy investment if our friend Octavius is not a frequenter of the night, isn’t it? Where the most he will use a “pants ballad”?

Arises another question: why would there be an outfit especially created to be used in a bar or something of the sort? There is no dress code established for this type of occasion because the environments are very diverse! Even so has the guy who wears his shirt with the giant logo of Calvin Klein and the sapatênis only when going to the ballad – lie, the sapatênis he uses all the time – as if that habilitasse to attend the nightlife of your city.

But what is the solution? What to wear on a ballad?

The man well dressed and stylish is always suitable for any situation (or almost!), but it is obvious that some occasions call for a costume that matches with the location or with the degree of (in)formality required, fortunately, the majority of the evening events is very tolerant, leaving plenty of room for imagination.

Here are a few pieces that work well in evening events casual:

  • Cotton shirts dark without many details shirts and jeans;
  • T-shirts plain or with prints, monochrome and minimalist, but nothing to flaunt brands or phrases cute;
  • Classic sneakers to the local easy-going and casual shoes or formal to a more refined atmosphere;
  • Jeans or dark pants tailoring, you choose, but both with the trim set to the body;
  • Leather jackets, twill or nylon (no volume) are good to protect from the cold;
  • A jacket leaves a sleek look, but it may seem exaggerated in closed environments, so leave it in the cloakroom or prefer to a jacket;
  • Blazers are always an upgrade, the chinos are a casual look moderninho and the wool cold show sophistication;
  • Accessories are appreciated, especially bracelets, they leave the look more laid back;
  • Bermuda only in environments very relaxed, with a preference for no pockets on the legs or pockets flat, avoid the cargo bulky that you leave with the face of dropped;
  • Stand corrected: not all accessories are appreciated, caps, in the night they leave you with the face of a kid.

Most suitable colours

Everything will depend on the environment: the more relaxed and stripped down, the more accepted the strong colors, but not making mistakes is never more easy to appeal to shades closed. Navy, black, graphite, brown and wine work very well, make you looks elegant and are never out of context, however the white may appear in parts that are to be superimposed such as t-shirts and shirts and warm tones such as red, orange and yellow give the final touch when you are in accessories or small details of the costume.

Prints and patterns that work well in clothing to ballad

The large chess serves to combinations casual, while the small leaves look more understated and aligned; the poa is also another standard cool, and that gives a certain lightness to the composition; the floral and foliage work like chess, the more, the more unglued. The stripes are basic and work for shirts and t-shirts, blazers, careful with the stripes of chalk, you can stay with a guy mobster.

Editor’s note:

As you can see, the costumes for use in events social night involving a bar, a party or a night club does not need any special detail, only the discernment and good taste. Bet on the “less is more”, choose the colors carefully and be on the lookout for a flattering fit that enhances your body, remembering that the occasion is not an excuse to wear clothes that look like they are packing the vacuum.