Alexa Chung in Vogue UK

A couple of days ago we saw a Alexa Chung sitting next to Tavi Gevinson in the Week of the fashion of Haute Couture in Paris. What now feel the youngest of cyberspace blogger to see his partner’s parade on the cover of? Vogue?
What I can tell them, without having the privilege of being together with Alexia, is that the cover is a both X-life. Which I don’t like so much, as it is the first cover of the Chung for this magazine and especially for his return to the kiosk in his native England. Perhaps after the cancellation of its program It ’ s On with Alexa Chung on MTV now go exploring other areas.

Alexa appears on the cover with an unfixed shirt, ultrarasgados jeans and a black blazer. The perfect look for an alternative fashionista, which will be complemented by the same Chanel clogs that I had already seen him in the front-row. What is your opinion of the shoes? To my personally, I do not love this type, but I guess that’s Chanel We will see them much next season. Especially with dresses. Accepted substitutes.