All Eyes On Chanel Sling Pumps – And The Story Of Two Tone Shoes

It is the peak of elegance “. What we are saying here today again? By Gabrielle Chanel’s two-tone footwear – the two-tone shoes, of course. In 1957, after classic should succeed in their already great success with a handful of (the small black, Tweed gepaspelten, costume and the quilted handbag) Mademoiselle Chanel shook summarily a more iconic creation out of the sleeve: the two-tone shoe.

Of origin: the shape of the beige-and-black Slingbacks – so perfected, that it always fits: in the morning as in the evening. Incredible but true: Up to this point, shoes were plain and tuned strictly on the color of the outfit. With this shoe, Gabrielle Chanel liberated women from the strict rules of antiquated elegance. Et voilà: “the new Cinderella shoe “ with an impressive fan base of power women of his time: Romy Schneider, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Delphine Seyrig, Jane Fonda or Jeanne Moreau.” Then and now: Until today nothing has changed on the fascination of two-tone, came in between in the wide range of interpretations like ballerinas, laced boots, Espadrilles or boots and celebrates 60 years this winter his ultimate comeback: the pumps is Sling back – and of course everywhere to see.

Karl Lagerfeld packed the idea of the two-tone shoe every year on the new, put a complete his make-over, without deviating from the vision of Gabrielle Chanel: he changed the shape, the height of the paragraph, he mixes the colours or the materials and highlights the respective collections with this shoe each wonderfully new. Warum ein so simpler Schuh Saison für Saison aufs Neue einen Hype auslost:

Dieser Schuh hat noch Another unbeatable advantage: the colors. The beige extends the leg while the black tip of the foot. As a practical side has fulfilled, all creations of Gabrielle Chanel’s she is this graphic detail to use made: black is less sensitive than beige and the tip of the shoe preserved so a flawless appearance.

“we leave the House in the morning in the beige black, we eat in the included black lunch, we go in the beige-and-black to a cocktail party.” We are dressed by early to late perfect!”

2013 Tribeca Film Festival – 8th annual Chanel artists dinner 2015 CFDA fashion Awards – inside arrivals 07_Ana_Girardot_HD 01_Vanessa Paradis_HD CHANEL Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 métiers d’art show and party “Be Amazing” stand up volunteer initiative – Staten Island Romy Schneider the prominent fan base.

5 cm tall, rectangular sales designed so that he perfectly adapted to the needs of the new lifestyle of women with regard to convenience. It is very likely that where Mademoiselle Chanel from Mr wardrobe inspiration: the two-tone shoe was already worn in the 18th century by men. At the beginning of the 20th century she had designed often sport or leisure shoes in the form of Derby – or Oxford shoes, much like the pair that she has on the famous photo on the friendly dancer Serge Lifar carries it on his shoulders. Gabrielle Chanel brought her creation quickly to the point. Using the Shoemaker Massaro was elastic belt.

04_Fall-winter 1983-84-ready-to-wear ad campaign – CHANEL – HELMUT NEWTON_HD 05_Fall-winter 1986-87 haute couture collection – CHANEL_HD 06_Spring-summer 1995 ready-to-wear ad campaign – CHANEL – KARL LAGERFELD_HD 08_Fall winter 2009-10 haute couture collection – CHANEL_HD-09_Paris-Bombay 2011-12 M + tiers d’art collection – CHANEL_HD haute couture collection untitled 11_Spring-summer 2013 – CHANEL_HD haute couture collection 12_Spring-summer 2013 – CHANEL_HD 13_2013-14 cruise collection – CHANEL_HD 14_2013-14 cruise collection – CHANEL_HD Cruise_FW13_adcamp_DP_Cruise_FW13_ adcamp_DP Chanel_PAP_SS14_adcamp_DP_Chanel_PAP_SS14_adcamp_DP 17_Spring summer 2015 ready-to-wear collection – CHANEL_HD 18_Spring-summer 2015 ready-to-wear collection – CHANEL_HD 19_Paris-Salzburg 2014-15 M + tiers d’art collection – CHANEL_HD 20_Paris-Salzburg 2014-15 M + tiers d’art collection – CHANEL_HD 21_Fall-winter 2015-16 ready-to-wear collection – CHANEL_HD 22_Fall-winter 2015-16 ready-to-wear collection – CHANEL_HD PAP_FW15_16_adcamp_DP.indd PAP_FW15_16_adcamp_DP.indd the campaign & runway looks.

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