Becomes ‘Personal Shopper’ Final: Amazon Us Help to Dress Better to through of a New Tool

Who has not dreamt with having an exclusive personal shopper that will tell us what outfits we feel better or worse? Then, as so many of our prayers, Amazon also has the answer to this. The company is currently launching app Outfit Compare, that will allow us to choose between two different looks the better we feel. Science fiction? No, reality. And it seems to be very close.

The performance of the app, which will soon be available for iOs and Android, for clients Prime of Amazon United States, is simple. Will only have to upload two images, with the outfits among which we doubt, and the application we will respond with one of these three comments: «Definitely pick this one» (definitely choose this), «We likes this better» (we like more East) or “It was a close call» (by are).

Interestingly, Amazon will not use these images to link to sites selling products or make public images, but that will be exclusively company personnel who check images and give his opinion under their professional judgement. According to Amazon, they will be people related to the fashion industry, hired specifically for this purpose. We cannot wait more for this new capability to reach all markets from Amazon and check it all the time!