Bermuda, The Garment That Swore That You Never Look and Win The Autumn That Comes

Oh, the Bermuda, you always thought that pledge was for foreigners with little style, and as where they were shorts, what were going to cover your legs. I have fresh news from the submissions of the Collections Pre-Fall 2014 and you notice that Bermuda open step as a must. And Yes, I know that fashion is frivolous, that it is foolish to follow the trends, but in the end all just falling late or early in what is, just like Andrea fell with Cerulean blue.

Don’t tell me that the leather shorts from Just Cavalli they are not cool. But the Bermuda trend could still be worse. Do you remember the skirt? It has its small revival in the parade of Alexander Wang. And can also be tricky look a few midi Bermuda as of Proenza Schouler in suede. Brought from the 1970s.

To design a garment that is a horror, a Bermuda with transparencies as of DKNY They also give me enough fear.

Anyway, as much as we now say what not, expected to bring what Zara next fall and see how many dare to wear the garment in question.