Best Design Coat Hangers

For the masters of the most demanding home fix every corner of the house is not just a matter of order and cleanliness, but a real question of style. For every corner you go in search of the most appropriate aesthetic solution, more decorative, so as to make each unique and special environment.

In this constant search for beauty of the design accessories play a very important position.

Even in the field of design hanger the market offers a wide range of types to choose from.

Statues decorating the walls, structures that grow from the ground like trees and enrich “blind spots” of the house, composite structures resembling copyright canvases with useful hook-bearing all on the surface, in any capacity is present, the ‘ design coat rack is a guarantee of elegance and prestige.

These are solutions designed to save space and to sort corners of the house, with a constant attention to the aesthetic component, the materials used, to select 1960s style coats, to create decorative forms, the impact caused on friends and relatives to be accommodated.

Highly theatrical model Mini Ribbon Headsprung.

Made in metal, folded back on itself in order to create the circular and three-dimensional movements of the wall, the Mini Ribbon model is presented as a kind of man’s belt, affixed on the wall, to be used as a handle for hanging other garments.

A subject of truly original design, dynamic, young, able to give a touch of great customization to every corner of the house: entrance hall, living room, bedroom.

Available in several colors, all of great impact: black, yellow and red, the main.

They look like real stone carvings the men hanger model Buddy of Umbra.

A white resin set of three men made ​​by designer Alan Wisniewski, carved in their ability to climb the wall. Each, with head, arms and legs, which are transformed into useful hangers.

The men from the thoroughly modern and attractive design, can be placed in the entrance hall, lounge, bedroom, bathroom.

Playing on the color component you can use it the little men in white on a colored wall of any room, or in the tri-color version of the white wall, creating a play of contrasts truly unique and original.

The flag set (red, yellow and blue) can likewise be adapted to the bedroom of boys.

In an environment dominated by the decorative forms and the explosion of color, the little men of Umbra do nothing more than provide a further significant contribution, dedicated to children, in terms vibrancy and harmony.

Always bears the signature of Alan Wisniewski, guarantee of originality and high design, model Subway realized for Umbra.

A model of super colored wall hanger, which fills a space of almost 60 cm to 20 cm, in a nonlinear fashion.

From the aesthetic point of view the Subway model brings to the stage the intersection, complete with signage nodes, three roads represented in different colors (red, yellow and blue), with different routes, but united by common traits.

These common features, from functional point of view, are nothing more than useful applique, as many as 10 in all, black and finished in chrome.

A complement the thoroughly modern and original design. One solution fits to emphasize, with a touch of color and dynamism, input walls, halls, bedroom furniture, decorated in very modern style.