Best Smartwatch with GPS

If you want to discover the best watch with GPS, take a look at our selection of the best smartwatch in circulation.

Whether you’re a runner, hiker or a sport, choose the best smartwatch with GPS is not so easy as it can search through more than two hundred models of watches with GPS integrated.

Despite some fitness bands are beginning to incorporate tracking sensors, the most demanding sportsmen have decided to focus on more professional caliber devices like smartwatch GPS for their sport. Even the cheap smartwatch with camera can calculate the distance, speed and track your route on a map, but only the best models offer additional features such as heart rate monitoring, integrated maps, Wi-Fi /Bluetooth connectivity and more.

To help you choose the GPS watch model is best for you we have selected only the best. There is also a dedicated category of watches with the Global Positioning System like TomTom Cardio Runner or the Polar M400 which are exclusively dedicated to some sports like running and running, so we excluded from this review. If you are looking for the best GPS watches for running then read our guide below.

The smartwatch with integrated GPS can be very useful especially for the great variety of uses that we can do: from a simple trip to the mountains, to the most extreme sport, have the best wrist watch with GPS is a guarantee in any business. Certainly there is no lack of in 2016 smartwatch wearable market but models with integrated GPS in proportion are few, do you think that even the Apple Watch has a targeting system on the integrated map – this is because many manufacturers have battery life issues and an additional GPS could put a strain on the resistance in the long term.