Bike Clothing Outlet

Appropriate clothing plays a major role in driving cycling. One must now not always driving around in ultra modern guise. Elsewhere – for example in the Netherlands -. It is for even ridiculed. But one thing is clear: in a casual or sporty clothes, driving is better than with jeans. At least I feel that way, but to my knowledge, many other cyclists. The advantage of modern clothes is their higher functionality. Good bike clothing draws sweat outwards. Inside it is then not quite so wet – at least relatively. But who travels with cotton clothes, knows the problem: the undershirt is completely soaked normally.

Who goes on tour, should have in any case, a change of clothes here. So, better two cycling shorts and jerseys two cyclists. High should not be so extreme saving here. Really good clothes move as I said sweat away, they also dry quickly after washing. Well, it’s always when you for all cases has a jacket here. On the bike it can fast times are cool, especially when the sun is suddenly gone. Here jackets Gore-Tex or about fleece jackets can help. Waterproof jackets are sometimes not bad. But you should then also look at the quality: some jackets although tight outwardly completely from, but under it can then no longer breathe. As a result, the clothes are wet through Körperdünste.

With the shoes which is always a bit tricky. One thing is clear: who is driving quality bicycles with clipless pedals, which can and should afford shoes that are suitable for the click system. Otherwise, do sports shoes. Shoes with heels are for cycling poorly suited. Also shoes with smooth soles are generally worse than those with non-slip soles. They should fit well and be comfortable. Again, better to take two pairs. Shoes do not dry as fast.

Gloves should take. It is not just about the protection against the cold but for the safety of hands. Good gloves provide hand grip and protect the hands during a fall.

A bicycle glasses I consider extremely important. Who has sensitive eyes should not do without the glasses.Basically protects glasses especially what is flying around in the air. Just as cyclist you appreciate the fast.Ultimately, it also helps in strong sunlight. It makes sense in my view, a pair of glasses with interchangeable lenses – so dark for sun, Heller for medium light and glassy for dusk and darker times.

The helmet should be understood today. At least, children should always wear it. Adults need to make with yourself. But who is ever fallen and injuries drew upon the head, which is voluntarily wear a helmet. One must also make it clear that, unlike the industrial safety helmet bicycle helmets are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Incidentally, in some countries for cyclists to wear a helmet !!

Rainwear belongs in the luggage. Not necessarily only when driving to help the clothing. Even if one descends in the rain and wait in the rain must, rainwear is a blessing. As mentioned above, there are high huge differences here. All that is for example made ​​of rubber or coated externally complete with plastic, holds up well off the rain.But the body can not breathe. It forms condensation and the clothes are wet from the inside. Also highly acclaimed materials as the general praised Gore-Tex can not do everything. The material One must impregnate every now and then, otherwise the operation is not guaranteed in the long term. Underwear you should now actually buy a baselayer. If one does not engage in sports, cotton is the best choice in my opinion. In sport, however, functional underwear is really useful. They often keeps warmer and regulates the moisture balance better.