Blake Lively Is Chosen by Vogue for The Cover of The Best Dressed of 2010

They begin to leave the first news about the famous best dressed of 2010 that love who enjoy the lists and their usual controversy. From Vogue, the strongest publication today and whose choice many do not question the (wrong), just filter the new cover of this special with Blake Lively.

In the U.S. edition of Anna Wintour is not surprising that they choose to Blake Lively as the famous best dressed of 2010. Actress of Gossip Girl fame is more and more a perfect claim to sell magazines, which in the end and is within what is your business.

Next to the famous blonde are other names such as Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga (would someone is it explained?), Sienna Miller and Jessica Biel, among others. What you pace you this first choice?