Bloggers under Rubble, The Protest against The Jacopone and Deaths in Bangladesh

The collapse of some factories in Bangladesh causing more than 400 dead and 159 missing and 2,500 injured has hit the world of fashion in a way very hard, for some brands that had located their production there has been the biggest crisis lived. Far from close, the topic it is beginning and there is still everything to do, all flushed and achieve justice and security for future workers. The protests do not stop. The original we have found again to Yolanda Dominguez as a center of attention. “She and her action of”fashion victims”with bloggers buried under rubble.

In his own words:

“Fashion Victims” is an urban action inspired by recent events in Bangladesh (24 April collapse of various textile workshops that ended the life of 1,127 workers) which seeks to give visibility to the real “fashion victims”: the enslaved workers, child exploitation and the millions of workers affected by the pollution producing factories in the countries of production.
(…) An appeal, with both people and the planet, responsible production and consumption.

Urban action consisted of placing different actresses (Anais Dumas, María Sánchez, Maria José García Piaggio) in the calle Gran Via of Madrid where some of the shops involved somehow with the events of Bangladesh are.

A very visual and effective proposal with the bloggers under rubble which, according to the own Yolanda Dominguez, has aroused the concern of the people to “help them” and even some “looked up just thinking that someone had committed suicide…”

These images are fictitious, unfortunately, those of Bangladesh not. Let us hope that in the future, action has been taken to avoid that some end up under rubble by the greed of a few.

We already know Yolanda Dominguez of other equally provocative videos. Especially of the poses of the models. But it is not the only work that has.