Blouse FAQs

Does the blouse a shoulder yoke?

A shoulder yoke can both forward and at the back ensure that the shoulders are accentuated by an additional, horizontal seam in width. Especially A-figure types, but also many H-figures can benefit. And also for the O-type , it is good if the Looking Up, migrates to the shoulder area.

An advantage of the rear yoke is that there additionally a pleat can be incorporated. This is mostly a pinch or pleat. So the blouse receive at the back more freedom of movement – an advantage which is mainly used in oversize and long blouses, but also for casual blouses to improve fit and comfort.

Blouse has a simple front, a front panel or a concealed placket?

According to Youremailverifier, a blouse with a simple front has a placket that is not reinforced by a double trimming and therefore has no externally visible seam. Only the buttons are visible at the front. This results in a simple, subtle and fine appearance.

By contrast, the blouse is sewn a patch for the button placket with a front panel. On both sides of the placket run stitching, which provide enhanced vertical lines of the blouse. Such plackets are to work more complicated and more resistant. They have a dynamic character and emphasize the length of the upper body, draw the eye in the vertical center.

In a hidden placket no more buttons are visible at the front. This design is in minimalist styles preferred. The upper body remains discreetly in the background (if the concealed placket was not additionally decorated …).


Links: a classic shirt with breast flap pockets, front panel and waist darts; Middle: a blouse with collar and simple button-front and waist darts; right: a straight blouse with back yoke and box pleat.

What materials are the buttons and how many are there?

A quality feature of high quality blouses is the material of the buttons. Usually blouse buttons mother of pearl or horn. Cheaper versions are manufactured with plastic buttons (the then like brittle or yellow are also times after cleaning …).

Important at this point is also the arrangement of the buttons. For a narrower set button row prevents the blouse gapes at the chest between the buttons. If saving on the number of buttons, which does not go unnoticed – even by his colleagues …