Bow Ties: Taking over from The Tie

Quiet, not you alarméis, it is not that the tie has passed to better life, if not that the bow tie protagonist has gained a role this season, bursting with great force on the catwalks of half the world and becoming one of the complements the style star more Chic y bold.

Insurance that when many think the word bow tie comes you to mind the feast of an Ambassador, the delivery of a few major awards or the outfit that you should get if had to attend the Stockholm City Hall to witness the Nobel prizes.

Best is that we stop thinking in Protocol and change the chip because this season’s autumn-winter the tie plays in second division and bow tie in the Champions League, we are no longer only because take it with an elegant Tuxedo or with a rigid and serious FRAC, the cannons and the rules have changed, I explain why.

Bow tie has been gaining ground in a few months, perhaps down the street still consider very few men with her, but change is on the way and sure that very soon some of us it will be put.

Without going any further, one of the first ZARA shop windows Knight This season was based on an image that many check of risky, were two mannequins, the first one you see pictured dressed in a gray suit and a peak mustard-colored sweater and a second carrying an anthracite wrap combined with a sweater in turquoise, both outfits if you look bear in place one bow tie.

The footballer Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren have inspired part of your campaign, including this small loop knotted at the neck of the shirt.

We can take the bow as ZARA, reproduces it us always a informally, but not subtract that point of personality and elegance that leads.
Let’s try to get it with a wool jacket, and a jersey of peak or neck zipper in mauve, green, purple, mustard, red … or the more like you, always trying to get you a color point to our look, avoiding falling into boredom.

For its part, the bow ties have been created in many colors and designs, patterned coats of white polka dots, smooth, patterned arabesques type cashmere and I’ve even seen some model in Velvet Garnet, so we have where choose.

I leave the other two combinations of Ralph Lauren, I don’t know you but I think that every time this add-on I like most.


And not to forget the most important know-how you the knot, This video explains it by steps and a clear and simple, so sure that soon I will have to go starting to practice it.

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