Boyfriend pants: comfort and style for your look

The boyfriend pants have the modeling looser and a very straight cut, the goal really is to get looser in the body. Another piece from the male closet straight into the female universe.

Boyfriend pants comfort and style for your look

It is a model of comfortable and stylish pants, not to mention the variation of models that you can find of the piece. It has ripped boyfriend jeans with tacks, dark, clear and even in more structured fabrics, tailoring type.

The fashionistas on call have already chosen the piece as one of the darling items of the closet, because it is a versatile pants that leaves any look with a more despoiled and current footprint.

There are endless possibilities of looks with boyfriend pants, you can use it with sneakers, for a very basic look or high heels , for a more elaborate and elegant production.

Check out some tips developed in partnership with style consultant Danyla Borobia to leave your look with boyfriend pants full of style.

How to wear boyfriend pants everyday

As the boyfriend pants is a very comfortable pants model, it is a great option for day to day. “The cool thing is to think of more casual compositions, compose with cropped, t-shirts, sweater or tops of women’s comfortable straps and shoes, such as sneakers, sandals and sneakers,” advises Danyla.

Boyfriend pants at work

As this type of pants makes the look cooler, the style consultant explains that it is better to combine with more silhouetted pieces, with more noble materials such as silk, leather or wool. “The use of a third piece, such as the blazer, finished with more elegant and delicate scarfs and accessories will leave the look fine for the job,” Danyla adds.

How to wear tailored boyfriend pants

We have already talked about how this model of pants is versatile and besides the jeans version there are also more elaborate models and different fabrics. Danyla gives two tips for using boyfriend pants tailoring version: “For more modern women can be composed with more sober and sophisticated pieces, with moccasin or oxford. For the younger ones, it is enough to compose more basic and informal pieces and accessories, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers or sandals. ”

Boyfriend pants in ballad

For a more funky and trendy look the ripped jeans combination with high heel is sure to appeal. To give a raise in production the style consultant indicates bet on sparkles, metallic fabrics and even a lacy body.

How to wear boyfriend pants with sneakers

This is the perfect match for a fashionista look and comfortable. Danyla gives a tip to leave the look more balanced: “it is best to opt for more elegant pieces at the top of the look, shirts, tops with sequins or metallized, and we can not forget a third piece, blazer or vest, so the look will be balanced and the silhouette elongated. ”

Boyfriend plus-size pants

“This model helps balance the silhouette, just use with the bar of pants tucked above the ankle, compose with upper parts that accompany the silhouette, nothing too fair and not very wide,” Danyla explains.

How to wear boyfriend pants for short

The model is perfect for any type of body, but in case you want to leave the silhouette more elongated the tip is to bet on not so wide pants, with the highest waist and the bar of the pants folded above the ankle, in the feet nudes shoes and jump high, explains the style consultant.

Boyfriend pants in boyish looks

Looks with parts of the masculine universe, such as shirts, vests and blazers, combined with the boyfriend pants transform any production. The style consultant gives some tips to put on a stylish look: “Not to lose your femininity, the cool thing is to think of pieces that refer to the masculine universe, but, with a feminine aspect, think of metallic shoes, tops and blazers with applications of sequined or lacy. So the look will look more modern. ”