Bracelet Watch Brands

Some product ideas

You will find this type of pedometers on the market at prices ranging between 15 and 200 euros. And for cheap, you can take advantage of advanced technology and good brand benefits. Other retailers such as Fnac also propose, and you can compare prices.


First of all include models of Fitbit brand offering the particularity of all to adapt to separately sold bracelets around 6 euros.

For example, the electronic Fitbit Zip Coach , which is subject to a comprehensive review on our website that you can check. It has all the qualities mentioned above and thus adjust to a bracelet if you so desire.

However, the brand does not stop there and offers an electronic bracelet model: the Fitbit Flex .

This one features like taking the usual measures but can also be worn at night to record data about your sleep and wake you up gently thanks to a silent alarm. Very flat, it will not interfere with you and will be placed on your wrist every day, even in the shower with his seal asset.

It sends the data directly collected your smartphone or can be connected to your computer via USB, where you can view them via the app or the website created by the brand. These data will be stored and processed in an entertaining and understandable way, using statistical tables giving directions on your form during the last days / weeks / months.

With its choice of colors: red, pink, black, lime green, slate blue or navy, you can attach the pedometer to your sports gear or to taste.You have well in hand a new coach pocket, with a beautiful design, very comprehensive and quality.


Always with the idea of plane models, the Jawbone tracker pedometer and with bracelet Jawbone brand of the same name. It is also equipped with Bluetooth to transmit information (number of steps, calories burned and also sleep cycle …) in real time to your support, smartphone or computer.

The UP24 application allows to analyze both the way you sleep but also to follow your meals and your daily physical activity. It offers new applications for download to best match your needs.

All this is stored and put in charts and other charts to allow you to quickly form your state at a specific time. You set daily or weekly objectives linked to better sleep, more not performed etc.

And your bracelet provides incentives to achieve and reminders.Its range is quite impressive for about 7 days. You have a choice of 3 colors: black, pink or red.


Another very successful LED watch, like its predecessor the Withings Pulse makes the test object on our site, the Withings Pulse O2 is also a watch that deserves attention. Rather complete, this small object serves both business tracker, sleep and heart rate.

True sports coach and wellness, it is rather powerful app with the complete and reliable features to the brand reputation high. If you want even more data to track your health constants and see your progress against your goals, you can associate it with other equipment such as an electronic scale for example.

The Withings asset: the highly responsive customer service in addition to the highly successful product.


Moreover, it would also be interesting to evoke the brand Polar Loop strap and compatible with iPhone and Android. It is an LED watch designed to follow you 24 hours 24. It transfers your information with your Bluetooth Smart to electronic media, where, as before, you can save on a thought implementation by brand, Polar Flow. For CMM, Polar is a brand that is perfectly illustrated in the running and cardio accessories, especially with his shows Polar FT4 , the Polar FT2 or her heart rate FT7 tested here !

There you will collect data on the number of steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. You will also receive various proposals for goals and reminders to achieve your fitness goals. It even tells you if you have been sitting too long, proof that efficiency is waiting for you!

The big advantage of this model is to have a tracker intelligent activity. What makes the pedometer will recognize if you’re just walking or running around to provide you the most accurate data.

Waterproof, it can also track your activity at the pool, which differentiates it from other products. It also analyzes your sleep to help you regain good night’s sleep.


Finally, the last model is worth to be mentioned, also from Garmin is the Vivofit with small or large bracelet timepiece, available in purple, black, gray, blue, green or red. Like all his “brothers”, it analyzes your daily activity and night, for more opportunities, can be linked with a heart rate monitor watch with LED screen.

You will have control of your critical data on heart rate: at rest, average and maximum heart rate frequency to pace yourself and see your efforts pay as and uses.

Thanks to Bluetooth or USB cable, you see your real-time data on Garmin Connect app via your smartphone or computer.

Seeing your fitness at time T, the Vivofit offers achievable and motivates you to reach you by awarding badges to success. In this idea, as Polar, this pedometer makes you a friendly reminder to order if you have been sitting too long. Its unobtrusive design will eventually convince you with aesthetic bracelets to match your outfit if you feel like it. You well with this model, a good fitness tool whose major advantage over its competitors is that it has an unparalleled year of battery life!