Brazil World Championship Jersey Review

1994 US World Cup

Background: USA World Cup, four times winner Brazil accomplishments Albert, new jersey Brazil is the first round of the group matches against Brazil, Cameroon, and white jersey worn by Brazil 3-0 6th end. White as the former Brazil left back, with the team won the championship of the World Cup. Free kick by Blanco with superior technology is known used to adjust the position of the ball to kick holes and I kicked in the same direction. For three Brazil World Cup, where I played all of 12 times.

The Brazil shirt description: Brazil’s Jersey 1994 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is very different from the past. Positive uniforms right down to the left all three orange team logo, this logo printed on its first team in the league has three symbolic pentacle, with left chest logo echoes the traditional house, the design team of the logo dates from the years 1960 and 1970 style. Classic polo shirt Brazil 94 edition of the models keep drawing the mouth printed three letters on behalf of the Brazilian Football Federation CBF cycling jerseys at, with green and yellow stripes, in line with handcuffs. Brazil Jersey behind the numbers just above the first printed with the player’s name.

World Cup Italy 1990

Background: 19 June 1990, in the stadium of the City • the Alps in Turin, Italy, Brazil in the first game in the 2-0 win against Scotland. Romario dressed in Brazil on New Jersey Brazil 11 appearance. Romario, the Brazilian striker as I helped Brazil win the 1994 World Cup, is a prolific striker real. World Cup 94, I was named the best player of the World Cup and won that year’s Golden Globes. Also elected one of the world’s largest 125 players selected in the celebrations of the centenary of FIFA. Also I have is rare in the world in their career goals completed more than 1,000 players.

The Brazil shirt 2013 description: continue to use the classic polo design necklace green, the lower part of the neck consistent with the use of specially designed body colored jerseys Brazil. Symbol of three World Cup victories and three five-pointed star “BRASIL” were maintained the classic elements.

The 1986 World Cup in Mexico

Context: in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, Brazil, Zico wore No. 10 jerseys of Brazil, Mexico City, Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara, the Brazilian team to beat the Northern Ireland 3-0. Andineisi Artur Coimbra (born 3 MARCH 1953 in Rio de Janeiro), usually people call Zico, coach and players of the Brazilian team. Normally people called him “Baibei.” Its excellent shooting skills, while dribbling technique, it can be said that I is one of the best footballers in the world early eighties. Also I will kick technique known for its punishment, the angle, the accuracy is excellent, and the full force. March 2004 is the talented midfielder Pele can hailed as one of the best players ever to 125, and in the eyes of Pele, Zico is also the closest to its players. Zico in international competitions for the Brazilian team contribution of 52 goals, and in the World Cup of 1978, 1982 and 1986 on behalf of the Brazilian team played. Although they failed in three World Cup aspirations, but the team is still in Brazil in 1982, is considered the greatest Brazilian national soccer team, Zico is no doubt who also won the World Cup in the absence of players from great place. Zico also won the 1983 football World President.

Brazil jersey description: Brazil jersey polo green necklace designed to pay homage to the 1962 World Cup Brazil Jersey left chest badge 82 World Cup style design extension, symbolizes the three World Cup wins and three five-pointed stars “BRASIL” classical elements have been reservations.