Can You Imagine a Zara No Queues to Pay?

Do you remember the times when Zara? had no online shop?.. Me neither. But yes, for a while we were asking, why it took so much.

Surely the answer is because nothing is an improvisation at Inditex. The first doesn’t seem to be a priority for the company. Do it very well, Yes. Why their online stores are now reference in terms of usability and all the logistics which is behind works flawlessly.

But e-commerce is no longer news and the company works in new technologies to make the purchase process easier. Among them, the automatic checkout, payment without cashier we know thanks to stores like Ikea.

Currently it is tested in some chain stores. In Spain, in the of San Sebastian. According to the company, it’s an early project stage, so it is early to say if the use of the automatic checkout is spread. If the tests prove successful, the implementation will be slow and gradual. So for the moment we will have to wait in long queues, especially in sales, or use the old trick of pay in the case of the children’s section.

It is not the only improvement in the customer experience where she works the textile giant. The company has everything a logistics center aimed at testing new technologies. Some probably do not yield the expected results and never reach the shops. Which arrive, will work in a way impeccable, how already usually does Inditex.

Photos: Zara, Gtres