Celebrities Take over The Spring Covers

Following in the footsteps of Anne Wintour for the American version of Vogue, many are the journals that have chosen by celebrities to show the best face of the spring. More or less beloved celebrities, but they are always a claim for many at the time of choosing that magazine are home.

In the image above, you can see the actress and singer Zooey Deschanel on the cover of the magazine Lucky for the month of April. A home where the actress, heavily favored, takes dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs to the best of their smiles. Want to know who are the other celebrities in April? Mira!

Which feel admiration for Gwen Stefani We are happy to see it on a cover so cool. The magazine Elle in its English version has had the singer who wears a romantic look that feels great.

We have already seen that Taylor Momsen had monopolized the vanity of this month magazine … but is not the only one! Was also the protagonist of Nylon Japan.

Britney Spears It has its ups and downs. Sometimes is good and others not, but always is a sought after celebritie that many want to know. The magazine OUT He has had it in its issue of April with a home where the actress appears in white and black with a suggestive gesture.

On the cover of Mogedal We found to Lindsay Lohan, Another celebritie that does not lose interest in many things good or bad to do. A home where pulls out his more thug side. Do you ever not out?

Another home with included celebritie of a little known to us magazine. Essence, It used as bait for the actress and singer Jennifer Hudson that it looks whole body after he lost enough weight. Inside the magazine, Jennifer ensures feel good inside and out with your new image. The truth is impressive!

And we ended up with Amanda Seyfried appearing in more than one home this month. The actress from “ Dear John … “ is very popular nowadays and that’s that magazines don’t want to miss your chance to take out it on the cover. One of the two covers stars in this month’s Marie Claire UK version.

And the last of his covers of this month, the of the Elle USA.

What is your favorite? Do you prefer models or celebrities on the covers?