Chic Sweater with Polo Collar

As we do not want, time is no longer sunny and warm, humid and sometimes quite cold. Warm clothing suitable to wear several layers, come to the fore in our closets and cozy blouses and turtlenecks become an integral part of our daily lives. Thick or fine knits, volume or tailored, wool or cotton – does not matter as long as you feel comfortable and cozy.

If you are in doubt, do not worry. Polo can be combined perfectly with all the clothes and styles you love. You can combine it with sheer or sports skirt, wide flared trousers, shirt, wide or narrow jeans, jacket or coat. Mix, layering and experiment. This will allow you to discover the incredible possibilities of polo clothing that you own.

Today, I suggest you look at a few selected me successful examples that will suggest ideas for work and the laid back weekend. Find Growtheology for how to wear polo shirts.

I hope you like it.