Choose the Most Suitable Duvet Coats

With the cold season starts searching for a new outerwear: warm, soft and above all fashion! The dilemma is: down jacket or coat? Let’s find out the various proposals for this winter.

Winter is almost upon us and like every year, apart from the search for the new outerwear that will be with us, riscaldandoci, throughout the cold season.

Long or short, of wool or pure cashmere soft, padded or alpaca? You also facing the big dilemma “better a down jacket or a coat” through

If you are indecisive and do not know what to choose, read on and discover with us the most glamorous new proposals for a hot autumn-winter, soft and, of course, fashion!

Duvets: soft, colorful, practical and above all very hot

The comforter , the perfect companion to face the cold winter days, the perfect outerwear for those who love easy style. Yes, because the comforter is a practical garment, comfortable and lightweight, perfect for those who are always in a hurry.

But often the quilts are accused of being too bulky and, above all, unfeminine because they create the unpleasant and ugly “little man effect Michelin”.

Fortunately it is not so. The fashion houses have presented different types of absolutely feminine down jackets, belted to outline the waist and several slim models  who know how to shape the silhouette.

Do not miss the short nylon duvet model Munich signed Liu-Jo, characterized by round neck, metal zip closure and a fantastic decoration removable jewel placed on the top, which gives brightness and elegance to a modern leader.

Also super feminine proposals Max Mara: wonderful is the reversible down jacket beige that can be worn both in quilted version and the version with fur neck.

The chic and bon-ton is given by little belt at the waist, absolutely glamorous and sophisticated.

Even the low-cost brand offering different solutions:

Mango has created both short down jackets is long, such as blue night pattern reversible hood, perfect to show off with a couple of blacks high waist jeans, a pullover white with contrasting piping and a pair of ankle boots.

Another proposal Mango is the long down jacket stuffed with feathers, warm and super soft, available in three different colors: black, dark blue ocean and medium brown.

The Swedish giant H & M offers fantastic duvets elegant and feminine, like the black model slightly waisted, with golden zipper, high collar and removable synthetic fur edge.

So girls do not fear, because the duvets for this cold season are not only warm and technicians but also elegant, sophisticated and feminine.

Coats: chic, elegant and sophisticated

The coat is the perfect outerwear for the winter. Envelops you in its soft, warm embrace so you will more until the arrival of spring.

Sleek, chic and absolutely feminine, the coat gives the wearer a sophisticated and romantic look.

In addition, it is perfect to wear during the day to go to work, but can also be raised of the evening for a drink among friends or dinner with your better half.

In short, the coat is suitable for all occasions, formal and informal, is fine with cleavage but it is just as well with sneakers.

Feminine and bon-ton coats signed Max Mara, like red pattern in Alpaca with fur on the neck and maxi waist belt, or the soft, sophisticated model in pure cashmere with a round neck and slightly flared towards the bottom.

Heat and mood androgynous model Pikachu 1 by Pinko: a coat made ​​of cloth, from the oversize lines and V-neck, available in soft shades and delicate as pink, beige and white.

Beautiful, practical and casual mood is the wool hooded coat signed Mango, an easy model features a concealed zip lining.

Always Mango is light gray coat, in bouclé fabric with long sleeves and double buttons. A comfortable and practical garment for the life of every day and perfect to pair with slim trousers in velvet, a soft cardigan and biker boots in black leather.

So, whether you’re a girl or a girl from down jacket from coat, fear not because this year there are thousands of suggestions to suit every need of look and style

Go ahead and then to the choice of the most fashionable outerwear with which to face the cold winter.