Clothes You Need When Pregnant

Pregnant, sooner or later, you won’t have a choice, you have to review your wardrobe. Fortunately for future moms, today very many very affordable brands offer a wide range meets all tastes. Before you go shopping and to avoid making a hole in your budget, here are some tips to sort it in the closet and buy Smart.

We do the sorting

To avoid buying clothes that you put maybe a few weeks, start by making the sort in your existing wardrobe. Identifies the clothes you will be able to keep (t-shirt or loose blouse, sweater,…) and put in a corner those where you feel already narrow.

Clothes You Need When Pregnant


Pregnant, this is the time to highlight your assets. Do not hesitate to choose ups colored highlighting your new chest and your rounded belly and favors the dark bottom if you want to draw attention to the upper part of your body and thus divert eyes from the bottom (if you have trouble with your new curves).

The importance of good pick ups

Avoid tight tops that might boudiner you and where you wouldn’t necessarily be uncomfortable. Rather, choose loose pants like pregnancy sweatpants (like If you took a lot of chest, no need to go on highs too necklines, favours the small senior fluids that most beautifully highlight your bust. The top choice is the most important. It remains you then add black pants or jeans (suitable for your new morphology of course).

Look on the side of the wardrobe of your man

Don’t hesitate to take a peek in your man’s clothes, you could get good surprises! His shirts, for example, can highlight your new figure.

You don’t have to give up your femininity

This isn’t because you’re pregnant you can’t be feminine and sexy. Once, you can very easily find pretty dresses or skirts that will enhance your beautiful belly. Choose the shape (right near the body, tight chest and then flared…) according to your morphology.

A flat but not too much

You’re going to have to put it aside for a few months your 12 cm heels! However, you’re not forced to abandon entirely the heels. A slight heel (4-5 cm) is not incompatible with your state. Ballerinas, sneakers… for you to choose the shoes in which you feel the better.