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You did not know it maybe, but you know Ada Kokosar long ago. The beautiful Italian is not only welcome guest of the international fashion shows and responsible for the one or other, fairly successful fashion line, the pretty stylist owes its notoriety the Streetstyle photographer of the big shows. What ever tackle Ada Kokosar, wears or with whom she will be seen: we know about it. It is so not a clumsy move by our favourite high street chain & other stories, to hold the resident in New York Lady for your very latest Co-Lab – and market the whole show off your social media style.

Currently, we know just as much: on September 17, the stylist and the H & M collaboration appears chain is revolving around five different looks. We know what awaits us here however, until, if we follow the Instagram account specially created. Logo.

We see already overly long coats (Incidentally, ADAS reliable insider tip), monochrome overall looks and soon realize: a collaboration that will suit our taste!

Each look is with four elements in mind designed – color, silhouette, layering, and vibe. With a monochromatic color scheme in classic shades such as black, Navy, camel and white, the collection includes everything from coats, jackets and tops to knits, trousers and pencil skirts. All parts are made of carefully selected qualities, such as neoprene, to make them durable and versatile pieces that easily about Walken fabrics, wool candy, light felt, fine Merino Wool, cotton, and lightweight the mood, occasion and personality can be adapted.

“@adakokosarstories in life is to call an opportunity to invite all women to be part of my collection and you from the idea to the realisation of the final parts to keep track of. I hope that people are inspired when they follow the development of the project and welcome to my idea to realize the own identity,”says Ada Kokosar.

Followers will see the different dimensions of this co-lab. Of the origin of the collection, to the artistic and dreamy pictures of photographer Damien Blottière. Everything is seasoned by real and contemporary images, include the new interpretations of a number of extra invited women, all friends of ADA, which embody their concept of reliability and versatility in their own way.

Prizes range from €245 for a coat, €75 for a top, €65 for a sweater and €45 for a skirt.

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