Copenhagen Fashion Week / / Highlights of day 1

Copenhagen, you’re making it us not easy: once there, just a crush on – and the heart beats anxiously at the sight of the current images. Spring/summer 2016 it says in our neighbouring country of – and we look very carefully. On Freya Dalsjos floral revival on by Malene Birger almost cheeky Celine approximation, on tree and horse garden crack growing up, and the wonderful world of Gannis.

Copenhagen fashion week day 1 – and we have missed so much. There’s our highlights here and now emits in all looks:

Tree and horse Garden:

Baumundpfer_24 baumundpfer_33 baumundpfer_35 baumundpfer_32 baumundpfer_17 baumundpfer_05 baumundpfer_07 baumundpfer_02

As see great ever lace flats with black socks off? Very beautiful and worth emulating. Whether on a long dress, the blouses shirt, the skinny, or the sleeping suit ensemble. Tree and horse Garden was rarely so grown-up, so chic, so wonderfully consistent.

By Malene Birger:

Malenebirger_000 malenebirger_001 malenebirger_007 malenebirger_017 malenebirger_020 malenebirger_040 malenebirger_043

By Malene Birger, which looks damn out to our liking: rib knit one – and two-parter where the eye can see. In the summer? Well, Kami! Finally is already long no longer can rely on the – and intermediate collections take the sceptre in hand long ago. Once all right, please!

Ydebyoleyde012_0 ydebyoleyde024 ydebyoleyde018 ydebyoleyde013_0 ydebyoleyde010_0


Lurex threads here, a little Tweed there, classic two piece in between and standing collars and sloops, where the eye can see. YDE by Ole Yde must no longer fall into oblivion.

Freya Dalsjo:

Freya_dalsjo20150805_0223 freya_dalsjo20150805_0225 freya_dalsjo20150805_0231 freya_dalsjo20150805_0238

I must confess, that I probably will not overly large Freya Dalsjø more – however quite Copenhagen the Danish designer celebrates from season to season. What is has second thoughts about Mme Dalsjø this year? A bit floral Boom Boom Boomerang attitude together with flowers-belts and pastel colors, two-dimensionality and even more feeling of the 90 s!

Ganni_019 ganni_018 ganni_011 ganni_007 ganni_001 ganni_002 ganni_003 ganni_005

Ganni was for many years the playful, female looking label with a penchant for LA-inspired road trip. It seems this time officially closing to be: it will be rougher in the home of Prakash, Trenchcoats replace soft leather jackets, A-lines skirts Minis. On Safari with the Gannis, through the desert with the Gannis, in an American sitcom with the Gannis – no matter where it goes, we go with!