Dictionary of Fashion: Little Black Dress

Short, simple, and elegant you mean the last film of the omnipudiente Tom Ford? No, we speak of the Little Black Dress, a term so as perhaps unknown. Today in our special dictionary of fashion: the Little Black Dress.

Elegant as a lady smoking in nozzle, simple as already forgotten and neutral minimalism as fashion who better endures in our closet the avatar of trends. Cocktail dress or Little Black Dress It is a known unknown. We all know that it was Coco Chanel its creator but not all know the vicissitudes which have been a dress which supports on her elegant back from wars to mourning or enmities.

Ladies dress, of life Audreys who bathe or they would like to swim in diamonds, favorite garment of royalty when you don’t want to clash, the LBD or Petite Robe Noir in French is one of the most used in fashion terms defined by digopaul.
Audrey was a crazy life and champagne but the origins of the garment that became a myth are diametrically opposed.

Dictionary of Fashion Little Black Dress

In Victorian times the dress cenia use to the required mourning two years crying on the inside (or not) and outside (invariably Yes): the first year and one day, mourning rigorous without any embellishments. The following 9 months was permitted the use of black silk, the subsequent 3 months, only it was required a loop, headdress or black brooch, for in the last 6 months may be the use of basic tones.
How we have changed and how did the first world war this very common so anachronistic tradition in the streets of their cities!

But not only dressed in death in the beginning, it is said that Coco Chanel design the perfect dress in 1919, his LDL, responding to the death of her lover Arthur Edward Capel, the man who helped him to found his first store in Paris and his great love.

The American Vogue, so watchful eye as usual, yours would photographing it in 1926 and described it as the Ford of Chanel, by its practicality and its independent of the social status of women eclecticimo

A type of uniform for all women with good taste

So would you define Vogue the photographed garment and so the flappers of the 1920s look it to proclaim his rebellion and Liberation.
His adorers are told by tens of thousands, but also critics: the new use of the black sonprendia and offended. Legendary is the discussion amongst the great enemy of Chanel, Paul Poiret and the fractious Lady fashion. This, before this new fashion snapped you to Chanel:

For you who are in mourning? For you Mr. Poiret

Nothing could with it. The wars and their widows popularized it, extolled it the great depression, with the advent of Technicolor to film (directors preferred use that does not distort the image) the divas chose him. The second world war, the femme fatal of the 50 with the Dietrich to the head, the arrival of the mods, breakfast at Tiffany’s or minimalism … women never already abandoned it and if one thing has made clear is that we will never carry mourning for him, is eternal as Audrey.