Different Ways to Wear Brooches


Think of an accessory so popular decades ago and now almost lost … Yes! THE BROOCH! Sign of pride and affectation in ancient times, wedding gift of our grandparents to their wives … now it is almost lost in the closets!

We found a trunk full of vintage brooches in wholesaleably.com. They remind us of childhood but also Carrie Bradshaw with its flowers offered in many variants, aimed at thousands of outfits. So why not do a week experiencing new places to bet these jewels that besides being beautiful, they also manage to be functional.

Monday: Start week meeting: from sessions the dress we wear is very basic, then getting up easily note that the belt is the personal touch: our brooch episode in life, on his side; or we can choose to collect more than one with a ribbon and and to create a belt

Tuesday: on the shirt a nice scarf. In place of the node, a beautiful colored pin on the tones of blue and green will make us feel more relaxed and already at sea!

Wednesday: Late for work, we could not make the turn and hair are savages? Hairstyle faster with invisible clothespins and a brooch episode just above his ear from dropping the clump before our eyes while we are on the computer.

Thursday: the weekend is approaching and the desire to increase color: a simple dress, add 3 or 4 pins of different shapes, creating a nice composition which will certainly catch the eye and make us feel less tired and more cheerful covered with compliments!

Friday: We are already thinking about the night that awaits us … .magari a dinner or a party by the pool … well! SURPRISE! From tonight through Sunday try to think about the brooch that you wear on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and send us your suggestions!