Do You Have Your Red Shorts? Them, and I like How They Are!

You what I have already said many times, but I don’t mind repeating myself. The shorts are my daily uniform for the summer season and according to my colleague Natxo are the new miniskirt. But tired of people always see me equal with the basics in Texas (although the model varies people thought that not change it), colors they are a good option to vary daily.

And today I want to present the Red version: I love it! It gives strength and distinction to the styling, and House very well with garments of all kinds. For dining out a Black blouse or white are divinely, during the day with cotton shirts, you get a perfect quilibrio and if the afternoon cools a little put on a sweatshirt and achieve a perfect touch.

If you are one of those that still do not have This color in your wardrobe You can leverage the 2012 sales to take over from French Connection. What do you think?

Now to think with what will you them you put…