Elisabetta Franchi Fashion Show in Milan

On the catwalk, the woman in ‘blue’ by Japanese atmospheres.

Arrives or looks to Japan woman for next autumn-winter will choose to dress Elisabetta Franchi. There is so much of kimono in silk dresses, both those who just skim your knees, both long for a set evening. Without forgetting the snowy landscapes and flowers that look like paintings, everything speaks in Japanese. Even the deliciously hairstyle with two ornamental rods placed in his hair.

The Eastern Lady in blue

Both the keywords of the new collection of the famous brand specializing in stylish attire and very refined: japan atmospheres and blue. And ‘certainly this is the color that sets the pace of the parade brought ‘ absolute’ in the clothes and coats, or mixed with white and black . Do not miss the gold, especially for the evening. And ‘the Japanese woman in a modern way that wearing Elisabetta Franchi, wrapped in tight kimono dresses cut at the waist with a belt, with  asymmetrical sweaters  and skirts. The ears, on the clothes and even the feet dangle delicious fringed tassels to give more movement at the ends; at the foot of the models wearing the boots laced up to the knee completely or as short at the ankle which leave the fingers uncovered. Do not miss simple sheath dresses in solid colors and masculine suits with high-waisted trousers and wide.

Cherry and maple leaves

He put in long evening are extraordinarily refined, beautiful transparent shirts and mini-dresses that look almost painted with cherry blossoms and maple leaves, red splashes on after the blue and white of the first part of the parade. Corsages, daring necklines, cracks which appear of black & white dresses, blouses with ruffles and gold for a collection that never ceases to amaze.