Extremely Feminine Looks Very Masculine Fabrics Te Atreves?

There are fabrics and construction that we have always placed them in the male world, clothes that all life have used the Knights in its day to day and that today they become part of the wardrobe of women more sexy and more style scene. Already a time that is fashionable pick you the shirt boyfriend or pants the husband but this season things are going above and beyond, are now designed women clothing taking as inspiration the best fabrics and garments of the man. Too masculine to be stylish on a woman?

Nothing, I’m agree with that women buy and use male clothing. You always have to find keys and special touches that make garments for boy to become the more feminine look that exists. This can get it combining very marked garments woman with some rather basic men and thus to find a balance between the two styles that feels very good. Necklaces or earrings very large and very high heels help instantly get it.

Many are the celebrities who walk through the photocalls with of two piece suits tissue grey marengo stylish as it is the case of Maria Leon that with orange of your bag encouraged much a garment that is perhaps very boring by itself in a man. The Tuxedo perhaps is more common in female field although increasingly seen with more and more cleavage, worn without any top underneath and hinting with certain provocative touch and a woman can do just this. But the black and grey, masculine tones par excellence, give a way to suits with patterns of colors and different shapes for a more daring woman.

Today the name box as “Prince of Wales” is being applied to a lot of articles that have nothing to do with the male sector such as tops as of Chiara Ferragni No Manager or dressed in very mini skirts. We can also be found in bags of different sizes and combined with other different skins as more female crocodile. It is clear that this pattern is a tendency and that today is in vogue among women at ti what you think?