Fabrics for Wedding Dress

Choose the wedding dress is not an easy task. Knowing which model dress ideal for every body type less. So hit the choice of fabric is the first step to conquer the dream dress. There are a range of options, such as taffeta, satin and crepe, which can end up confusing brides at the time of decision.

Tissues are composed of fibers which may be natural, such as silk and cotton, synthetic, such as polyester and spandex or artificial, such as acetate and rayon. See which tissues most commonly used in wedding dresses.


It is a fabric is composed of small hexagonal frames, which resemble a beehive. It can be made from silk, cotton or synthetic fibers and is commonly used to add volume to skirts or to the bride’s veil. The silk tulle is the only one that does not have this volume effect and therefore to be used and dresses more fluids.

Fabrics for Wedding Dress


Bright and luxurious, satin is made of a silk blend with synthetic fibers and may have different thicknesses. The more silk satin have, the better your trim.


Tissue thin, satin, matte and resistant, taffeta is suitable for dresses with full skirts and draping effects.


Lightweight, has a finishing gum, which results in a more rigid consistency and characteristic glow.


Tissue and smooth and soft, which gives an elegant trim. It can be made from natural silk, wool or satin. It is one of most fabrics used in bridal gowns.


Another produced from silk. It is quite lightweight, fluid and transparent, ideal for summer dresses.


Fabric thick and strong, with him doing most of the bodices of the bride dresses.