Fashion Show Spring Summer 2008 in London

Week London fashion has just ended. True to its reputation, it individualities are expressed freely, the creators as different as they may have invested the podium to deliver their vision of uncompromising fashion, between experimentation and good British taste. Therefore difficult to define the outline, recurring things in each other that could draw future trends. However, the air time has done its work and some highlights of next summer sketch nonetheless.

Palette of pastels

And if climate change had influenced the creativity of stylists, and if in them had reversed the codes of conduct and the habits and customs in colors … While in winter you mix the colors pepsy, for summer offers us is sobrissimes shades, past, almost faded:

  • At Aquascutum, the little nuances trenches used (coral, sea green, barely rose pink) who struggle not to create trouble, even the flight of the notified moddeuse, which is little doubt that such an alliance of colors must be completely relieved by a sharp and clear detail to make sense of bias “washed out”. Last hope: this look on tanned skin can possibly be interesting…
  • Paul Smith it does better: satin gives the old pink sparkling it must not lull the pace. The combination of grass green, rose pink and girly very light allows the colors to meet and create an urban look, fresh and modern. Also, use a tint connoted “Uptown girl” on a sporty together is the best taste, and gives a perfect result, a bit quirky yet chic and casual.
  • The total pastel look seems to have inspired many, including Peter Jensen… hard not to find this tasteless pastel avalanche wise 100%, while for autumn / winter we had to take our outfits évertuées by ultras buttons bright lemon yellow and turquoise. Therefore expect the Parisian catwalks to rule on the case “Pastel versus Flashy”, but for now only the interpretation of Paul Smith holds our attention.


Tie and dye

African fabrics, hippies symposia improbable t-shirts … that’s what we inspired the two words “tie and dye” there are still a few days. Until we found out that the concept of infused dyes had captivated Londoners.

  • Matthew Williamson treats squarely in the rules of art. The fabric is slightly gathered, colors invasive each other. There has been a good revival Woodstock, while remaining brilliantly chic … We love, provided accessorize all very pointed way: exit the fringed bags and flip-flops, with the tie and dye it will be shoes, belt sober and wallet.
  • With Marios Schwab, it retains the idea of the colors to the autonomous will, but in the spirit of a folded and unfolded spot of color to create a spontaneous symmetry more psychedelic.
  • For Luella, the tie and dye becomes hazy, soft, subtle shades degrade without breaks. A nice combination between a micro falsely classical dress and a color processing makes its first scales in the world of chic and correct fashionnement observed.


Ruffles and still flying

Ruffles galore certainly, but nothing cheesy or romantic free. Flying summer 2008 are furiously engaged neither mawkish nor bland nor stupidly candid.

  • With Nathan Jenden, we are in excess, the one that heralds a trend, one that deals a strong point ahead without qualms, that is not just the laptop, but sets the tone…
  • Christopher Kane has been the spearhead of his show, where there are flying jeans, chiffon, asymmetric ruffles or even translucent … They are everywhere, drawing a modern doll silhouette. Edged with lurex ribbon, playing with the cut of the dress, deceiving transparency to force buildup, the Kane flying are more than desirable, they sound like the obvious, both feminine and decadent.
  • Luella in turn uses the cocktail dress and her satin moire as a pretext to imagine a rock Ultra toilet, multi-storey micro-ruffles disciplined, all wanton skirt length by more than mini. The polished boots propel complete this look at the height of neo girly rock.

All these flying do not hesitate to occupy space and to invest urban outfits, which broke with the imagery “Nelly Olson,” and for summer 2008 are doped with irreverence.


Aerial chiffon

Delicate silk haze, scientist pleated, chiffon and semantic field have decided to combine in the summer mode.

  • Giles Deacon, who had accustomed us to a mesh of debauchery and almost esoteric outfits, likes to return his jacket imagining for summer cloakroom worthy of a prom made in US. Finally at first, because the troublemaker can not help break the look of his granddaughter perfect by suggestive transparencies apparent stockings and a bustier ultra skinny. His ethereal pink chiffon wins the character and the figure goes from child to temptress.
  • Erdem, appropriating the codes of elegance (black, white, lace and chiffon pleated silk), manages to reveal the essence, the heart, and make escape a universal graceful beauty while being incredibly modern.
  • Jens Laugesen, classic, less adventurous, more consensual, however, imagine a nice toilet a serious strand, but quickly softened by light flutters a diaphanous veil and air.

Chiffon, when she wants generous, twirling and playful, can only magnify a silhouette. Each of the deal with what it takes imagination and toupee for classic it passes sublime…


Experimental fringes

The fringes caused a sensation on skirts pencils Miuccia Prada in the last parade autumn / winter, it seems they have not said their last word…

  • Gareth Pugh, conceptual desire, their worships and available in leather, all over, long, thin, wide… The fringe effect and its ability to hide without hiding seduced the young designer. It retains the idea: the fringe material seen by the darling of English fashion is hypisssime.
  • With Roksanda Ilincic, we continue in the trial, with the jewel belt as a “follow-me-young-man”…
  • At Giles , we love the textured effect of these small woolen fringes in the summer will be just shifted, although one can not help thinking by seeing the model Deacon than Prada, and the repetition is still way…

This is what is for London trends… We also note that the glasses were used as accessories on many shows, that the recidivism lemon yellow and the liberty printed Luella may well be talked about…