Fashion Show Spring Summer 2008 in Milan

Milan has delivered its version of fashion for summer 2008. If New York wants urban, conceptual London, Milan meanwhile is certainly glamorous. Some of the trends spotted in previous weeks there are confirmed, others are emerging. Note that the belt is objectively accessory which we can not escape the long comeback and the prints are more instinctive.

Milan, with its procession of big names and prestigious houses, is the place – with Paris – which ensures the future trends. There is no denying that they are rather derived from a compilation Burberry / Cavalli / Prada Giles / Issa / Erdem… So watching these shows is to be taken seriously if we want to have a relatively clear vision of the fashion landscape next summer.

Like a boy

The “male / female” is a known concept and a hackneyed strand, which required little renovation. This is what we offer Milan, proposing a new version of the concept. It is simple to apply: we literally stings the man of his jacket, and the rest is made ultra feminine…

  • At Anna Molinari is a large man’s jacket which is in the spotlight. Shoulders drooping, cut severe, it will be perfect to accompany a minimalist micro skirt. The strength of this look lies in the contrast between sober male piece and a microscopic skirt that, through this association, swapped her sexy side for a casual neutral appearance.
  • At Emporio Armani, the concept is pretty close, but Jet Set release. Here it is not the work jacket, but the tuxedo jacket that is borrowed from Mr. cloakroom. The mini skirt is exchanged against an equally short dress, but connoted evening. The jacket is treated here as a gala held in its own right, but also ultra chic glamorous as hell, she loses all serious and sexy wants.
  • Max Mara sees things a little more raw way: it is a tired jacket banker too large frame that makes up the new look of the working girl … The idea of the oversize at the jacket to remember, but this is the dress code need to be changed. We forget the wise lined and cigarette pants and think short: short, skirt, micro dress. Otherwise we can associate it with skinny jeans or jodhpurs tucked into boots and biker … It breaks the side “desktop output.”


Flower Power

This we have seen and reviewed across the Atlantic, the Channel and the continent now… The trend “flower” is well and truly the party for the hot days ahead. Widely hippie, she also flirts with more serious looks dealing in all over the falsely wise.

  • At D & G , these are Esmeralda woodstockiennes who walk the catwalk, trailing in their wake many flying liberty drawing an oversized patchwork. These toilets and translucent volumes spring outline a figure at once naive and elegant, avoiding brilliantly blue flower pitfall of a sanitized romance.
  • At Etro, it is the spirit shimmering sari with Hindu motifs predominates. The flowers are petals or decorate a frieze lining the bottom of the dress. Fluid silk flowered gains depth with the short jacket, rigid, military-inspired companion. The extreme femininity of the dress and put into perspective by introducing a piece that it is a priori antagonistic and ultimately reveals.
  • At Moschino, we love the offset is discussed how the dress Household nice American, although the colors and the treatment of “Still Life” are curiously think Marc Jacobs fashion show. It retains the flower prints totally outdated or tacky, can be awakened by cutting a strand decadent.


Beautiful desert

The djellaba seems to have inspired the designers … Will he it his summer home on urban pavements or she will remain confined on the beaches of Ibiza or Croatia? Only the future will tell, but the diverse and varied proposals presented to us this summer give good mind to make the city djellaba.

  • Blumarine just recycles the model that comes from North Africa. Only the colors vary from what you would find on a Tunisian or Egyptian souk… But the simplicity of cut, combined with vivid hues a naive strand, gives this djellaba a small fashion gently touches that will appeal to fans of casual summer look.
  • Pucci by revisiting completely against type and think of the globes-trotting dance floors imagining a long tunic africanisante moiré psychedelic hues. Here thongs gave way to the pumps. The apparent simplicity of the cut should fool anyone, this toilet is to be treated as the richest furs or the most precious ornaments, with a chic somewhat flashy, but fully assumed.
  • It was at Just Cavalli that one will find the prettiest variation of the season on the djellaba: voluptuous, especially air and customizable at will.It is worn as is on the sand, but soon it will reach the asphalt, we slip below a thin tube dress and we’ll bilk maximum djellaba with a wide belt just resting on the hips…


Pictorial expression

This is one of the great innovations of the season, characterized by a revival tie and dye, use of the material as a master painting, a kind of painting on silk fashion. The prints are almost unique – see self – and dress clothing that we knew wiser, more classical in its pictorial tastes…

  • At Dolce & Gabbana , it was literally the impression that Pollock of reincarnation is given to heart joy on the toilet at night appear to have been tagged in the purest style of Action Painting … These dresses that could have be mere repetitions of abounding style and a disproportionate Galliano, gaining in originality, modernity and dynamism with this instinctive painting appears to have been made on time.
  • At Prada , it’s a painting on silk halfway between manga imagery and aesthetic codes that adorns Asian Art Deco sets and japanese outfits. Black edged hemming clothing – and at the same time the space for expression – what to give to all of modernity, creating designs with a very innovative and intriguing.
  • Alberta Ferretti mixes dyes and tie and dye prints on mythological minis antique-inspired dresses, while remaining contemporary. We feel that the pictorial treatment of clothes allows the designer to give them an extra dimension that puts the status of timeless pieces, between past and future.


Between Jodhpur and harem pants

The jodhpur was at the center of all debates of school: should adopt or boycott? There were those who swore they are never adhere, and which left the door open … What we now see in the street, they are girls who have mastered the art of jodhpur and the wear loose just right, and others who try it with more or less success … as creators, they decided that the item “jodhpur” was now accepted and they could be used base to move towards somewhat experimental models, mixing jodhpur and harem pants. It is not said that the trend down on the street…

  • Antonio Marras grows the volumes to their end, so that you get lost a bit pants to identify some of its collection. It recognizes the attributes of jodhpur expanded at the waist, crotch ultra bottom of harem pants and a long skirt blurred … It’s hard to imagine inside, while we jodhpur we were rather … So needless to mention the reaction of those who are refractory to face such a model!
  • Just Cavalli is the claw which last season had made us love her jodhpur rock and roll. For summer, he revisits the canary yellow … If we imagine accessorized a little soft on the parade, we say that this jodhpur then has a bright future ahead!
  • Giorgio Armani attempts the impossible: make an elegant harem pants. It even complicates the equation by transforming it into a harem harem shorts. Surprise: the result is not as repulsive as one could imagine. Shortening the leg helps make a little more subtle the floating section of said harem. Small knots that roll up the edges of what to bring neglected chic and casually classy, needed to enhance the coast of harem pants. To be continued…


Fashion bird

If the winter had democratized fur by soaking in multiple fluorescent and pepsy juice, summer meanwhile rehabilitates feathers by offering to leave their night attire and emerge in a spirit city chic.

  • DSquared the thinking keys lost on an improbable little black dress … The effect is not the most successful, we pass.
  • Just Cavalli imagine an aboriginal adornment belt any kind of feathers crimped. The concept of the waist skirt which is superimposed on a shirt dress is interesting. The feathers used to obtain a subtle play of transparency between feathers and veiling. The idea is to remember because transparencies seem to be one of the privileged playground designers for the coming season. To us to find the tricks to unveil without showing off, hide without hiding … The feathers appear to be a good match.
  • La Perla revisits the Inca spirit with feather adornment and Aztec graphics, adds a touch of casual chic, the air time tie and dye, stirred everything and gets a new urban uniform, whose subtle exoticism sprinkle of a touch of fantasy mastered this city neo silhouette.

The feathers are no longer reserved for the boa or whatnot. We spend our summer to tame them like a Cavalli and La Perla…

It was also noted that the belt size was much higher than low waist, the flashy colors had not said their last word, the muslin was one of the favorite materials for next summer and the glitter and walleye were a resistance strand…