Fashion Weeks 2015

What are the products of makeup used on the catwalks of Fashion Weeks? Face, eyes, nails and lips: discover together all the secrets and tips of the makeup artist.

Fashion Weeks 2015

The real mood of Fashion Weeks in 2015 was to enhance the natural beauty of the woman, with the look that valorizzassero elegance and femininity without being too pushy. A style refined and glamorous open to personal interpretations with colorful contemporary twist.


The face is the first between our business cards and have a skin care and without imperfections is the dream of all women. To reach such a result field is important to use the right products, both as regards the daily both for makeup skincare.

To have a more beautiful and cared for skin is important to start by cleansing, using non-aggressive products, based on surface-sensitive and possibly of natural origin, such as the Face Cleansing Gel apple & Bamboo Bio Delidea with purifying and soothing, based organic ingredients.

Before you start with the makeup it is essential to moisturize your face with a special cream, to be chosen according to the type of one’s skin. L ‘Moisturizing Emulsion for Preventive Action Biofficina Tuscany, for example, helps to counteract the signs of aging thanks to the presence of precious ingredients antioxidants and nutrients. In most suited to all types of skin due to its light texture and easily absorbed: perfect for use under makeup as prepares the skin without weighing it down.

As for the makeup, the runway looks provide light foundation that help minimize the imperfections without hiding the naturalness of the skin. The driest skin can opt for a water-based liquid foundation, as the Vitalumiere Aqua Chanel brand, while for combination skin is more indicated a mineral foundation, like the one signed  bareMinerals mineral rich antioxidants to the skin.

If a touch of blush is enough to brighten the complexion of the face, to define the features stated unquestioned on the catwalk the technique of strobing, which uses the enlightening to accentuate the facial volume and make the skin firm and radiant.

For a look from catwalk is essential to use a good face powder securing, at the same time presents the face a more thin and smooth: the excellent powder Surreal Snow Cosmetics, a mixture of Silica and Mica with a soft texture that the skin does not dry.


On the eye makeup the proposed during the Fashion Weeks are the most diverse. In line with trends makeup autumn, again they predominated natural look, with shades ranging from light brown to bare, for a fresh and stylish look.

The collection Nude + Collistar, for example, proposes a series of eye shadow from creamy soft texture and luminous finish, easy to apply and ultra resistant: light up the eyelid with a silky touch and give a beautiful effect of “smooth skin”.

For a deeper look can never miss a black eyeliner or better yet a pencil from shiny stretch and intense, well suited for both the internal and external eye rhyme.

To complete the eye makeup is also important to apply a volumizing mascara and long-lasting. The grandiose Mascara Lancome, for example, is a great all-rounder: stretches, bends and gives a beautiful volume effect making the eyelashes of a beautiful deep black.


During Fashion Weeks, and in general in the runway looks, the lips are treated as opposed: remain bare or are treated as a real pop accessory.

Most loved products are long-lasting lipsticks like I’M Pupa, who join an intense and lasting color to a comfortable and moisturizing formula. The fall collection of Pupa, Soft & Wild, is the emblem of the proposed look from the catwalks: there are two neutral shades on pink-nude and the other two most heated on the red-burgundy-purple, to choose according to their tastes.

Alternatively you can use lip colors from matte finish. They stretch with ease and wiping become opaque and almost impalpable.


Hands also have a real accessory. The trendy look during the Fashion Weeks propose enamels matched accessories or bare effects for a very stylish manicure and cured. In all cases the finish more loved it is always to ultra glossy gel effect, which helps the nail to appear more smooth and uniform.

To merge the style of an elegant look, neutral and natural tones, the effects of a real beauty treatment, you can choose the glazes with formula “BB cream”: for example the new BB Crem Orly, a sort of “foundation” for the nails that can be used both as a base either by itself, for an extremely refined look.