First Cover of Emmanuelle Alt for Vogue France with Gisele Bundchen: Going to Error!

What joy to see two magazine covers in two days in a row with Gisele Bundchen as image. It could already be so throughout the week. 7 days with the Brazilian model in different capitals around the world. At the end it end one tired but as something specific, it would be funny.

The image has just been published by the Twitter of Vogue Paris and is the first number of the Editor new boss following the departure of Carine Roitfeld. Emmanuelle Alt Opens a fairly conservatively in the post, regarding insured within the fashion world, with the best paid model and with a quite classic snapshot.

The cover with Gisele Bundchen is for the April issue of Vogue Paris and to continue treading on safe ground again see romantic trend and lingerie with a magnificent gown of Dolce & Gabbana blank, belonging to the spring-summer 2011 collection.

It is difficult to overcome the slat of Carine Roitfeld, especially towards those whom we had won with the union between fashion, art and provocation. The first bet of Emmanuelle Alt should have been more risky to keep the image that Vogue Paris has had in recent years. It remains to be seen what his next move.