Francesca Versace

In the empire Versace, Gianni there was the undisputed master of glamor and the jet set, who since his departure Donatella took over and finally Francesca, their niece, who engages in the race and is developing another facet Versace, more intimate and yet still a free agent with the parent … It was in Paris that the young Versace will present his first collection called Francesca V. This is only a year she left the Saint Martins School , and already there under the spotlights of the city of fashion and elegance. The one who dreamed of dressing or Lou Doillon Chloe Sevigny is thus well…

Versace, a poisoned chalice? Will we like Stella McCartney hold it against him that name too well known, that free will and this celebrity gained without effort? Only the coming weeks will tell. However, in light of past Francesca, you say that the virus of fashion may be genetic and that the rights-pass have nothing to do with the success of the young woman.

Because when we grew up in an environment where they speak from morning to night mode, where top models are playmates and where our uncle made figure of a wonderful magician, it would have been surprising that we do is not seduced and that very soon we will longed to be part of the festival adding his own stone. This was the case of Francesca. The daughter of Santo Versace – who handles the administrative part of the company – was very young immersed in the family business.

At seven, she spent her time backstage to admire and photograph Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Claudia Schiffer. She often saw elsewhere Claudia Schiffer at her uncle, she saw as a living Barbie and with whom she enjoyed talking in German. It was also close to Naomi Campbell, who did not hesitate in photo shoots for Versace to cheerfully catch Francesca Allegra and to make them laugh and participate in the magic of the moment.

The small Francesca quickly said that later she would dress as women as pretty. The dice were thrown, the scene set. Yet no one in the empire Versace has sought to enlist. Gianni if he spoiled her, as pointed out to him that the work came first. Santo, the father of Francesca, shadow man and end maker of Versace branch, has set as a guideline to give her daughter all the weapons necessary to enable it to choose its future.

He was demanding perfectionist, convinced that if we had the German, other languages seem simple to learn. That is why in Milan, he placed Francesca in a German kindergarten and the little girl took her first sentences in German language. Later she learned Italian, French and English. At 17, she was graduated in languages and mastered more than 4. All, aunt to her parents told her she was not to force, it was to go his own way and fashion n was not the only possibility for Versace.

But Francesca long ago knew what she wanted to do: create clothes, accessories and express themselves in this way. And that Versace or not.Besides, she will never use his name to go directly to his goal. She wants more than anything to make his own experiences to judge its real value.

At 19, she flew to London and is preparing its entry to the Saint Martins School. She composes her portfolio, draws many silhouettes and attempts to be accepted by Londoners. Something that will not happen right away, because if the girl is all hype celebrations in the capital, it’s away from the common man and his comrades take their time to open her clan. After a year, it is presented to the entrance examination of St. Martins and… it is readjusted. Judging its too rough style, clumsy drawings.

Francesca learns failure by the press. It enrages, but instead of choosing the easy option and entering it into the rank Versace as an assistant to her aunt, she clenches his fists. She wants the Saint Martins School and she will. In another year, she took intensive drawing course and retry the contest. This time it works and it is accepted in the famous successful nursery.

While all expect it develops a very 80s style, glamor and sexy as hell as is its genetic code, Francesca prefers to follow his path. Of course, she is inspired by memories of his childhood in the country house of his uncle on the Como lake, energy that gave off his creations … So if it uses a color palette flashy based sweet pink, lemon yellow, orange and turquoise acid, it gives his collection for study purposes a very personal girly romantic touch.

Those attending the show will be unanimously seduced, and when Donatella see the work of his niece, she will find nothing to complain about. Francesca, dubbed by his peers, was ready to develop its own universe. After graduation, she cut her teeth at Giles, Issa and Biba then launches into his creating her own line: Francesca V.

His inspirations? People, images, shapes, and some artists. Her work, she describes it as something contemporary, glamorous and classic, shimmering but discreet, finely sexy … Does she think one day join the family group? In any case, it is not in his immediate plans. Collaborating with his aunt? Perhaps, provided you keep his own label next. What are your dreams? She is going through the…

Francesca Versace, if she has the talent and energy of his, do not hide behind and is determined to make his name. Appointment during Paris fashion week to see his first collection…