Fresh and Trendy: Crochet Tops for Summer

Since childhood I always used many pieces of crochet because I have an aunt who does. For a while she was off but the northern summer came with everything and our summer, we’re coming, it is super cool.

The crochet is the face of the summer, freshly baked and always transparent, which can be used with bikini underneath. It goes well both day and night. During the day, use with jeans shorts and flat sandals, more fluid (short or long) skirts, and for the night, bet on heavier accessories, and more chic pieces, plus a heeled shoe or some shine.

The crochet can give a more ethnic touch or romantic for production depends on the accessories that you use to track. If you know someone who does, it is worth ordering an exclusive piece that will last for several seasons, and you will have your style. But for those who do not know various collections can bring crochet pieces for this season.

There are some cool inspirations of how to insert the piece in their day-to-day.