Gabourey Sidibe Cover of Elle: The Controversy Is in The Street

The controversy is served with this cover. Elle magazine celebrates its 25th anniversary with four covers in a special issue of the magazine for the month of October. And one of the chosen is the actress Gabourey Sidibe, the protagonist of Precious.

The funny thing is that the actress weigh 136 pounds and has no measures of scandal, 90-60-90, not … that has passed into the background. The controversy is in the street because its color is not as natural as it should, but it is more clear. Photoshop? seems to be Yes.

It is not the first time that the actress is immersed in a controversy because the cover of a fashion magazine. Vogue rejected it ’ for having too much overweight and Vanity Fair excluded it from its issue dedicated to the new actresses Hollywood promise in 2010. The chosen nine were white, but Sidibe was nominated for an Oscar for best actress and did not appear on the cover of the publication. Something that I do not think anything fair or consistent.

The rest of the players are Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried and Lauren Conrad, all of them under 25 years.