Gareth Pugh Fashion Week

Women-warriors roam the catwalk Gareth Pugh, back in London after 7 years of absence. Inspiration is a cross between tribal and ritual.

For Autumn / Winter 2015/16 Gareth Pugh gives us a collection with a strong visual and emotional impact. The designer, known for his sharp, dissonant style, celebrates its comeback on the London catwalk (from which he had been away for seven years, during which he marched in Paris) with unique proposals and which perfectly reflect the personality.

A warrior in balance between fashion and rituals

The return to London Fashion Week Gareth Pugh could only be characterized as a collection able to make their mark. Mission a complete success through this fashion show dedicated to a strong woman warrior. The parade opens with a dramatic scene: brandishing a pair of large scissors Aymeline Valade cuts her hair, and then to paint his face with a red cross.
That same red cross characterizes the models on the catwalk who, in fact, the face and the body painted with a red cross, the cross of St. George who defeated the dragon. Creatures are ready to fight and to go down literally in the field, dressed in armor suits on which is strongly present tribal inspiration. Only other cromia present beyond the red is black, one color used for the proposals seen on the catwalk.

A monochromatic collection, but not trivial

Although black is the predominant color (actually, the only) used for the proposals on the catwalk, the Fall / Winter Gareth Pugh is not at all boring or repetitive, but rather makes it more than the triumphant return of the designer home , an event that also coincides with the tenth anniversary of the fashion house.
Merit of the wise use of fabrics and materials, they can play with the light in an exemplary manner, to deceive the eye with fur – fur that are not, Vast hills tailoring, duvets evening gowns, skirts and billowing Vast; and again, bodices that are also breastplates, because basically the soul of this woman is really combative.
The silhouette, strong and decisive, draw the body emphasizing the waist, as if to highlight that femininity is never called into second floor, not even when it comes to a woman-warrior.