Genuine Leather Jacket

It seems that summer is already here with a sobyific hot days, then the next morning back to make cool and short sleeve is finished. A little crazy. Why no to keep certain garments in the closet. The genuine leather jacket they are one of them.

The streetstylers already adopted this trend last winter season and now they are becoming one Hell’s Angels very feminine and stylish, without their Harley-Davidsons and jackets as thin as possible to either Broil it. At the end we are talking about a bit of cool, not cold.

The ever-lasting red

We are in the season in which the Red continues to dominate much of fashion garments. Facing summer dresses are those who most look so lively color but the outerwear is not left behind, and we see it in trench coats, jackets, and their own jackets with its multiple zippers and pockets.

Genuine Leather Jacket

In red, we see it in Firetrap for 79 euros.

Other color alternatives

On the part of Prada We see a shorter design in yellow color for the price of 1.043 euro. While at Asos price is more affordable, this time in blue, by 128,20 euros.

Then we have the basics in shades of brown or beige. In TopShop a simple by 52 pounds and in Zara. There is a leather jacket of cleaner cut that I love by

Black boss jackets

Although colors such as red or the camel are the ideal alternative, at the end the genuine leather jacket they are always timeless colour: the Black. In an era in which the rocker and punk style is like a roller coaster, the same day it is fashionable that the next day there are several “ advanced ” predicting his death, black must appear.

We must not move on with too black because in the end we just opting for total looks between the Huntress, the top, shorts and boots. Let us remember that we are in the spring and over this season is very cheerful.

We mingle better ideas and trends. The camel pants last season, they are perfect for one day of work. We replace the jacket of a few days ago by the leather jacket and so to taste.

The leather jacket is perfect for a day at night at according to which cities where temperatures change in a blatant way. A festive look with a short point and generous heel and platform boots dress. We have the combination made between grey, black and silver.

We got a more accessible and everyday style with a shorts with built-in loop to which is added a striped shirt style sailor. White and blue. The same applies to the boots: for now yes, but as soon as it starts to climb the thermometer better we parked them although many modern or remove them.

In TopShop we are mixing with the trend of embossing leather jacket snake. Price: 160 lbs. Meanwhile, in Zara we find this cross black double breasted jacket by 129 euros.