Guide How to Buy the T-shirt Perfect Basic

Apparently it is such a simple thing, but oddly enough I get many emails asking about how to purchase the t-shirt perfect basic. In a way it is understandable, a piece that is so present in our lives deserves all the attention, in addition to the t-shirt is a garment that has ease to give emphasis to certain features of the body, whether good or bad.

Guide How to Buy the T-shirt Perfect Basic

There is no need for a doctorate to turn in time to buy your, just by observing a few details and use good common sense.

Guide how to buy the t-shirt perfect basic

1 – Trim

Seams – The most important thing is that the seams are right on top of the tips of your shoulders, in the place where they meet the arms (joints), they will form a drawing with the lines on the chest that will leave you slightly more full-bodied.

Modeling – If you want a piece a little more fair, no problem, but do not overdo it, if the t-shirt looks like a “condom” then try one of a larger size, the ideal is that the fabric only lightly touches the skin, without tightening. It also gives you the to invest on the models to be loose and comfortable, especially for those who have a belly, since you don’t look sloppy.

Sleeves – sleeves that end at the half of the muscle of the arm (the biceps) are ideal for small variations of the length are ok, but much shorter look babylook and more long will shorten the upper body, that is not the idea here!

Length – The t-shirts long in the back (longlines, bauladas and the like) stretch the trunk and tend to shrink the legs. The personal more modern likes, but they can frustrate anyone who wants a balanced silhouette and stylish. The ideal length is 10 to 15 cm above the end of your hip, not shortening the legs or espichando the trunk.


2 – Fabric

Here does not have much to discuss, the pure cotton are the best! Versatile, cool and comfortable, they just need to be careful when choosing the weight of fabric, because too thin can not last long, but it certainly doesn’t keep warm either, the thicker they are resistant, however its use in the summer is not advisable. The ideal is to stay in the middle.

There are also mixed fabrics, which put a bit of synthetic fibre and soft mixed cotton. In this case we have t-shirts comfortable, but a little warmer and that way changed to create the unwanted polka dot if you do not have good quality. Think well before you buy them!

The fully synthetic is not advised, it probably will heat up and cause discomfort. Stay away!


3 – Colors

If we’re talking about t-shirts basic then also, we have to take care of basic colors initially. Black, white, navy and grey-merge are your first choices, especially if there is the option of wearing them underneath another piece. To overlap by a shirt social clear, white and grey-merges should work, for dark colors, try black or navy and always keep the t-shirt hidden (you can appeal to collars V, see more here).

These colors listed will combine with almost anything you wear, but before you go and buy several of each to see which one pleases you the most or that suits your day-to-day.


4 – Finish

The seams should be straight, especially the sides, otherwise the whole shirt will be pie, and you’ll never fall perfectly on your body. The collar must be flawless, without the puídos or esgarçados very common when the part is too long on a hanger from the store being handled and tasted. The bar at the end of the t-shirt should be straight and well made. It is also important to turn the t-shirt inside out and check the quality of the points, and if there are any of them loose.


5 – Collars

The collar bald is the most common and classic in a basic t shirt, but we can also consider the V-neck as an option, particularly be suitable for the chubby or who have short neck, as they tend to lengthen it. Who has the neck slender will do well with the collar bald, although a V not too exaggerated it will not harm.


Where to buy the t-shirt perfect basic

In the shopping malls

This will depend a lot on the trim of each brand, many shops have good t-shirts, but they fit on your body like a glove, the ideal is to try it in various places whenever you are to buy.

Even the Hering, the most traditional in the subject, changes the modeling of the t-shirts from time to time, so you can’t trust that you will always buy at the same place. Only one thing is certain: don’t be fooled, it is not because a brand is super expensive and pumped that their t-shirts will be the quintessence of perfection, often in Renner or at Zara you will find a beautiful basic t-shirt in the promotion and will use it as if it were an Armani.

To buy over the internet

In the shops online it is important to note the dimensions of the piece and know the measurements of your body (chest, torso and shoulders), the rest is the work of the target, if to become good, great, if not, remember that you can exchange the product within 30 days. Dafiti, Kanu and Catwalk work with several brands, so it becomes easier to choose.