H & M Fashion News

Just a few months ago that the firm H & M (finally!) opened his shop of decoration and, the truth is that each collection that take off like us more. Before we saw the images from their catalogues looking forward to be able to buy so many nice things. But in Spain only had a physical shop in your home line, located in Tarragona.

Now that they have opened the door for sale online, we can take home (or better still, they bring it us to our door) all of its products. It is true that are you miss a little bit more of variety and greater quantity of product, but it is also true that everything you see quite like us. In addition, prices are very, but very tight and that we like even more. Today the images with the news of H & M fall in the home.

Collection 1: rustic charm

Of the four collections, is undoubtedly the most rustic. Fabrics such as linen, cotton, synthetic skins of goat and motifs in pads, giving them an air of “Alpine”. In addition, colors, Brown, grey, toasted, help to recreate the atmosphere of autumn and introduce us into the season we already have over.

In this collection are special role type burlap fabrics, with which we have manufactured boxes, cushions, placemats and other accessories that will be perfect in our House decorated for fall. Ideal for any corner, don’t you think?

H & M Home Decoration

Collection 2: modern luxury

Luxury and sophistication for more dwellers. We don’t we miss none of ‘must’ of the season, as for example, the DECO details in gold. Strokes in gold on cushions, accessories, candle holders,… To get the atmosphere of cosmopolitan apartment for those who like modern spaces and city air.

Special mention to the linen and table, since in This collection is with clean design, but in tissue contributing quality feel, as the duvet covers thread. His touch is simply wonderful. It almost seems that you are in a hotel with very ironed linens.

Collection 3: romantic style

I think, particularly, it is that I like the most. And it is not that I am a total fan of the pink or the chic shabby, however, that taste for every detail, I’ve really loved textiles with exquisite print and feminine collection air,. Beautiful bedspreads ruffled white, soft (and at great price) rugs, mirrors, Venetian air.

Without a doubt, it is perhaps the more vintage and right now that we are in full fury by the tendency to recover furniture and give them a new life with paint type chalk paint, We imagine perfectly this bedding to complete the look.

Collection 4: colorful contrasting

The line more sassy and fun of H & M for the autumn, comes with vibrant colors and fun designs. No matter to be in autumn: the neon continues at full power in its younger collection. Details with a rabid color, phrases with message “buenrollista” (what will have this type of sheets, cushions, pictures, that we’re becoming crazy with them) and nice designs.

Of course, H & M comes stomping and flooded us with four lines of products that engage us for design and we are convinced by price. The relationship between quality and cost of products is second to none. I have not yet tested the efficiency of your online shop, but surely that I love. I’ll tell him you soon… And you… do you have chopped already on http://www.abbreviationfinder.org/acronyms/hm.html?