How to Buy Good Leggings

The leggings are a garment, from the curious name, which went for more in the eighties and early nineties. And as often happens in fashion, these clinging trousers are back in fashion in recent times, thanks to their comfort but also the sensuality. In fact, they have begun to be present again in our closets since 2005, but they are not an entirely new item of clothing. In the 80s and 90s, in fact, we wore them already but we called them leggings.


What are the leggings? Remember? It’s those very tight trousers and that wraps around the leg that until about ten years ago wore individually, but now the best combination is the one with mini dresses, long shirts and skirts. Precisely for this reason we can trace a history of this denim leggings featured on Emilyleggings.


Currently your own leggings for their wearability serve to highlight the female body and therefore are best for people who have a particularly lean physique, but originally it was also worn by men. In some paintings that date back to the fourth century can be traced to similar garments such breeches worn under tunics or sottotuniche along with special belts and who arrived in Rome thanks to the Barbarians: we have evidence of this through pictorial representations come down to us.

Even Charlemagne used them in the ninth century, and her favorite fabric was flax.

From the thirteenth men begin to not bring more tunics and so also changes the way they dress: the trousers need to be more adherent to leg and opaque, so we move from breeches with the linen breeches, stockings or socks. They were a real tights that was worn to cover the entire lower part of the body and the tissues with which they were made were different: wool, linen, silk or leather. Could get your foot or not, and even in some cases had the dual function of stocking and shoe being real suolate stockings and since then I began to be worn by women, but in these cases it was virtually impossible to see them as they were covered by their long robes.

In the 300 this type of clothing was favored in particular by the nobles, and because of its characteristic of being fully adherent to the body served to emphasize the importance of the wearer society.

With the end of the sixteenth century, however, it begins to prevail a real differentiation between pants and tights. This is because the use of the pants has become increasingly popular and so no longer feels the need to wear tights.

Back then to be present in slings cabinets and tights in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but with a very specific function. You choose to bring your pants only on official occasions: they are white and satin, a color and a fabric that never cease to stand when brought, coming to below the knee and down narrow down the body. The difference compared to the pants, which are worn on the other hand during the life of every day, it’s so obvious.

Until now the use of the pants was exclusively a male prerogative and therefore women, because of their role in society considered inferior, they could not wear them. He 50s and 60s of the 900, however, Coco Channel implements a decisive change of course by introducing the pants also in women’s clothing.

Also at this time the fashion designer Emilio Pucci realizes his pants inspired by the style of the fishermen, ending just below the knee, whose success continues today being in fashion even today.

With fashion over the years even under the influence of political events of the time: in the 70s, a period in which women through feminist movement want to become more independent, the chosen garments are inspired in style to those of men, while in the following decade, a period in which the password is to perform and to show off, women prefer a much more feminine look.


A recurrent fashions back in our closets even after decades. This is a bit what happened with leggings although in the past they were called by different names (leggings or pants-tights). Like every leader also trendy leggings can not be brought by the stars of our house and do Hollywood.

Just the Hollywood actresses are leading the way in this return to the style eighties sometimes even daring combinations a bit daring as only they are able to do that and then often we seek to imitate in our desire to be as similar as possible to them. Some examples are: Jessica Alba, the famous interpreter of the film “Fantastic Four”, which sought to inspire the almost inimitable style of Audrey Hepburn along with dancers, Carmen Electra, who has chosen to wear these super tight pants to highlight his perfect physique around curves.

One of the advantages is of leggings that can be worn both in the winter than in the summer. In the case of summer they look good with a pair of flip flops and a mini-dress, choice supported by Sienna Miller; but not to be discarded is also pairing with shoes from high heels: a double combination where the leg is certainly in the foreground and which is particularly well to those who have a lean physique and dry, as is the case of the actress sometimes a bit ‘over the top like Lindsay Lohan.

Another feature is that leggings are fine a bit for all occasions: those elegant and formal, as we have said, but also in the life of every day, even wearing a simple pair of sneakers as he did several times beautiful Scarlett Johansson.

The fashion of the leggings is due precisely to the cinema, where he made his first appearance now more than twenty years ago. The film that brought them first in vogue was “Desperately Seeking Susan”, where the protagonist Lady has worn them for much of the film. Today, the Italian-American singer and actress prefers to dress in elegant situations often leading them under his coat.


Each designer to create his collection is inspired by her personal style, but always giving a blind eye to what I realize others to never remain behind on the trends of the time. It ‘a little’ what has occurred with these modern leggings, where every fashion house has tried to interpret this Chapter in accordance with their own style.

Diesel, the home of the famous Italian architect Renzo Rosso fashion especially for the creation of jeans (one of the most popular brands among the youngest) has thus focused on a more sporty style whose best match is with d jeans skirts and sneakers. Dolce & Gabbana also have favored a dynamic style and not too challenging to be accompanied by vintage or baby doll dresses and boots from the heel not too high.

Who has long legs prefer to wear them with ballerinas, shoes from heels nonexistent or very low, and that are suitable to be worn with the “skinny” version of leggings, or made of denim fabric and definitely skintight leg.

Almost all the designers have chosen to bring in black leggings catwalk, because they easily combine with any type of fabric and dress: there are simple, but others that in the end have a lace touch that gives an impression more elegant.