How to Choose Bikini

In Brazil, it is summer all year long and women face the challenge of choosing the ideal bikini. In addition to considering trends in beach fashion, they also need to assess which piece matches best with the physical type and the personal style.

A woman who is dissatisfied with a particular region of the body should choose a bikini that can hide its imperfection. The piece chosen to compose the look should also highlight a part of the body that she considers attractive, as is the case of the breasts or the butt.

The right bikini is usually able to solve situations that affect the female silhouette: small or too large breasts, lack of waist, wide or narrow hips. Each type of body has a more appropriate bikini, just know how to choose and match the pieces.

Colotes, greasy accumulations on the sides of the abdomen, can make it difficult to choose a bikini model. Many pieces end up giving even more prominence to the fats of the body and the female silhouette loses much of its attributes.

At the time of choosing the bikini, the woman with pants should be careful especially the bottom of the set, ie the panties. This piece should have bigger measures to guarantee comfort and to hide the undesirable grease.

The thong of the bikini worn by the woman with coats should have thick sides, preferably more than three fingers wide to hold the handles. If the protruding belly is also a problem, the bottom of the bikini will need a high waist, preferably close to the navel.

The colors represent a perfect resource to create an optical illusion in the beach look. Those who have culotte should prefer white bikinis. Take a look at the white bikinis from BIKINIWILL. In the case of prints, it is important to be careful with the too large drawings. Already details in stones or ties should be avoided.