How to Choose Right Bras

With adjustable? Broadband? And the straps can be thin? We have tips for you to choose the perfect piece. The only rule: the best bra is comfortable.

How to Choose Right Bras

Are you of those who only care about the pattern of bra? Time to review your ideas! Back pain, boobs and bad posture are closely linked to the top of the underwear. The next time you go to the store, prioritize comfort: the right bra is one that makes you comfortable and still values your body.

Finding the ideal model may not be easy, but you can identify when the piece is not appropriate. Forget bras …

  • that divide the breasts. Nobody deserves to win volume in the wrong place! Wrong bras make the breasts smaller than that should be. In this case, choose the bras focusing on the top of the breasts and underarm side.
  • … kneading. The support has to be efficient to take shape and that held up.
  • –clamping. If breathing is synonymous with bouncing breasts, something is very wrong. Gone are the days of big bras, ok?
  • … with adjustable left. So it doesn’t look like that you took the bra, and  the breasts should fill the entire cup.
  • … we soar on the back. The track on the back must remain upright.
  • … that divide the back. The muffin top is caused by a push-up bra in the back. Zip adjustment is there to help! Use it.


After all, what is the bra right for me?

The volume is a problem for some people. Others involve with the format. Generous measures require wide belt strap. We indicate here the best bra models for each body type.

Small breasts
Padded Bras with padding can increase the volume by up to two numbers. If you like the effect, abuse.

Large breasts
Here, the less volume, the better. Bet on models with good support. It is common for women with very full bust suffering from back pain. The bra needs to have wide straps to balance the weight and hearts not to let the breasts “leak”.

Separated breasts
The models that are closed in front with adjustable are ideal because they approach the tits and guarantee the firmness.