How to Choose the Right Sports Bra for Running

Whether you have large or small bust you need a good sports bra when exercising. Choose a sports bra customized for your bust and the activity you’re doing, such as low-intensity exercise such as yoga and strength training or high-intensity exercise such as running or intervals. We will guide you right in the jungle and give you the example of 16 stylish sports bra for all types of training.

The chest is moving about 10 centimeters at a single stride, which wears out the tissues and makes the skin stretched. The right sports bra can reduce breast movement by nearly 80 percent, so be kind to your bust and choose a sports bra that gives you the right support.

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra:

1. It is important that sports bra is comfortable, it should sit tight without cutting or abrading. The breasts should preferably be separated from each other and not compressed too much, you have a large bust cups are preferred.

2. Sport-bra will stay in place during your workout, skipping happily up and down and swing your arms in the test room. Do what you normally do in training, otherwise you risk to come home with the wrong bra.

3. Pay attention to seams, hooks or straps that can chafe when exercising. May cut off the washcloth before you use it.

4. Get help from knowledgeable store staff who will help you to try out the right size.The breasts move more in training so the correct size is even more important in a sports bra than a colorful lace underwear.

5. Replace often. If you train 2-3 times a week keeps your sports bra approximately 6-12 months. Then, the fabric and seams elastic, which means that part of the aid disappears. Wash in 40 degrees and always without fabric softener, avoid dryer and hot oven.

Light Support

Many women with smaller bust think they do not need support for their breasts. But all women should wear a sports bra, even small breasts can move much when you löptränar, jumps and more, and then is not a normal bra to. During low-intensity exercise such as yoga and strength training is usually a sports bra with light support work well.